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  1. gsbuickman

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    I've stated from the get-go masks are as pointless as they are stupid and are nothing more than part of the dehumanization Doctrine and I for one don't give a rat's azz. I'm sick of all this nonsense and hearing about it, I'll do as I please and if it offends somebody tough cookies it's not my job to please the planet
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  2. Ten Man

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    Just a rhetorical question: Does the gubmint expect the sheeple to wear masks forever?

    The reason I ask is because there is obviously no defined target for when the mask mandates are going to end. We just spent the whole Summer with mask mandates, but the major virus seasons are Fall and Winter. Now, the gubmint is claiming there is a "new mutation" of COVID to start worrying about.

    The illogic is staggering.
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  3. BigEd63

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    An evil idea.

    I don't smoke but imagine someone wearing a mask but with a cut out for a big fat smelly cigar
    Imagine the guy walking down a Walmart aisle and all the Karen's in view having a speech less stammering fit.:D
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    My new mask. I've always thought luchadors were pretty cool.

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  5. Brother Bob

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    You don’t need to write a book on all your posts. KISS. If I need to explain what that means, I’m done with you. I’m tired of the sheep in this country. If you can tell me how someone in their own vehicle, alone or a farmer on a tractor on his back 40 is in jeopardy of contracting COVID-19, I’ll kiss your a$$! Just what we need. More sheep! By the way, what are the futures on sheep. I bet they’re cheap right now.
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  6. FortyXDM

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    I am thinking that this thread is getting a bit off topic with some very non supported statements.
    I believe Mr. Einstein was right when he said: "If you can't explain something to a 6 year old, then you probably don't understand it yourself."
    My point.....we should just state our opinion on this and leave it there.
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  8. Ranger4

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    OK, feel free to block me, I will not be offended as I respect your right to be left alone. My comment is not about masks, it is about a grown man bragging about how he jumped out of his car and intimated some paranoid lady. I just pointed out with facts showing that 70 people had recently died from Covid in that county and she may have had a reason to be paranoid. That woman had a right to be left alone also and not be intimidated for whatever belief she may have. She can drive down the road, bra-less, no panties and nothing but a mask if she wants, her right in a free society. Seems like she should be able to do so without people jumping out and poking fun at her. But that is just me.

    Good bye.
  9. Brother Bob

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    I’m not blocking you. I can’t recall blocking anyone in the decade plus that I’ve been on here.
  10. Get Out

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    Why are you worrying what other people do? What does it matter to you if people wear a mask or not?
  11. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist

    Not worried about what they do. Just pointing out what they do.
  12. Get Out

    Get Out G&G Evangelist

    That makes you a bully, you should be proud of yourself.
  13. redcaddy51

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    OK boys, agree to disagree. This whole issue ain't worth the agnst already spent on it.
    Don't tell me what you think I have to do, I won't tell either of you how I think you should treat other citizens. It's all just a cosmic fly spec, on the fabric of time.

    My grandfather lived to be 98 years old. You know how he did that?
    By minding his own business...

  14. Jim Rau

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    The ONLY thing masks do is make people FEEL better, aka the placebo effect!:(
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  15. Brother Bob

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    No, I’m proud of pointing out the “Karen’s” of our society that wouldn’t hesitate to jump my a$$ for not wearing one! I’m not a bully. I just have an issue with uninformed(stupid/ignorant) people(lemmings) who won’t hesitate to opine their opinion on you. My kind of people that I hang with don’t subscribe to all the B.S. being force fed by the media! We do our homework. I don’t give a **** if you wear a vagina hat, but I’m going to make fun of you too! I suffer from this thing called logic, common sense, and I do my homework. You want to go out and act foolish in public, expect some ridicule, especially in states where we hold a dim view of such. I got your “bully” right here!
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  16. Get Out

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    Nope, that makes you the male version of "Karen", I'll call him "Bob". You're a bully and anyone thinks it's OK for you to go out of your way to intimidate that woman is a bully as well. She could have been one of your customers mother, wife, sister, daughter etc.
    Let's hope no one ever takes it upon themselves to act that way to your mother, wife, daughter, sister or other female relatives.
    Only thing you have right here is your embarrassment to yourself and family.
  17. rando

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    Yes Sir. All we need is to use common sense but I guess many lack it. I personally have had it with the mask wearing. Also some posts on here trying to convince me they should be worn and paragraphs of BS that means nothing. I am thinking many members are tired of the mask posting each and everyday on here. Its like a bad dream that wont go away. Lets use common sense on our own and get back to living again.
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  18. rando

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    I hear ya. Its the governments way of taking away peoples identity and socializing and being close. They want to separate American people from each other.
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  19. rando

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    Ten Man I have asked the same question many times. The government Has no Intentions or plans on taking masks away. They have not ever talked about a time limit or date. Its all control and see how long we are followers of their Bull Shitt. I bet they are really happy with the heard of sheep staying obedient so far. Its going to take the people to say I have had enough and many stick together and stop obeying them.
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  20. Ranger4

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    I think it depends on where you live, there is no federal, city or state mandate where I live, not one. The local grocery does not have one and 90% do not wear them, the local restaurants do not require them, I went for takeout today in a strip mall that has 5 eating places in it. I saw dozens if people going in and only one mask. It depends on your state and local laws. The people in the post office do not wear them but have a plastic glass between them and customers.

    I do go to a military base occasionally and they require them indoors. So, I see zero federal government except on the base. They make me leave my carry gun off base as well, so I understand I have to play by their rules. I also go to a VA hospital often and they requires masks and no guns as well.

    There is zero federal mandate in the nation, and no state or local mandate that effects me. I have 2 Walmarts about 15 miles from me, neither city has a mask law. Seems to me it is just a state law and local city law issue.

    Since there is no federal mandate, it seems the locally elected people are the issue, not the national government.