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  1. big shrek

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    It's all about keeping HIV/AIDS patients alive longer,
    so they can buy those extremely high-priced drugs from
    Big Pharma, Which is also what's driving the "National Healthcare".

    Follow the money. You quickly see where its all going.
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  2. TXplt

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    Ya...that's why it's called the big scamdemic.

    A bad flu erupts from China. It's marketed at the end of the world. Used as an excuse to shut things down, exercise unprecedented government control everywhere, hyped up by a complicit media, nationalize large segments of the population while throwing people out of work (making them even MORE dependent on benefits), manipulate markets, shutting down smaller businesses in favor of huge ones (like online giants such as Amazon), shut down faith based institutions, and make everyone wear dehumanizing garb while scaring them from all that makes us human and the GOOD things in life. Like gatherings, hugs, contact, hand shaking, etc. Turning people into government dependent faceless drones hinging on what some 'expert' will say next. Concerts, trips, fun of any kind cancelled.

    And using this to help sway an election.

    Now, along comes a 'vaccine' with HUGE bucks invested in it. And likely VERY costly. Problem solved back to normal (except the closed businesses and lost jobs--and reluctance to start small businesses because they could easily get shut down again--more money and capital to ALL the giants to rule over us serfs).

    So there ya have it.
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  3. draftingmonkey

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    Doctors PRACTICE medicine because they don't have all the answers. As for scientists and their studies, the conclusions for the pro-mask vs the anti-mask is all going to be about who is paying for the study. If the study is funded by organizations/govt for mask wearing then the results will be pro-mask. If the study is funded by organizations/govt for not wearing a mask then the results will be anti-mask.
    I think we will all be long gone before we will ever have a truly unbiased answer to mask vs no mask question.
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  4. mitchr

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    Add to that, they really don't have a clue!!:rolleyes:
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  5. Huey Rider

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    The argument will never be settled. Sorta like
    9mm vs .45ACP
    AR15 vs AK47.
  6. FN FAL

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    Till the earth and heavens collide and some mythical magical force takes over the factual parameters of metrology take precedence over all. Fact, since the beginning of earth virus's and other infliction's have been here and will always be here. It just took till 1884 to realize just how small of a thing that was there that no one could see, smaller than any cellular matter, invisible to science till the 1930's. Pasteur and Chamberland did not theorize, they proved that the thing known now as a virus could pass thru a porcelain filter capable of at least 1/1000th of a micron filtration. There is no virus known large enough that the porcelain filter would of stopped. 136 years ago the argument ended and the facts were known.

    There is no mumbo jumbo bs that any libtard politician or self proclaimed enlightened scientist or doctor can spew out that can change those facts, period.

    Metrology includes the factual parameters that 1 is smaller than 1000, or that 1 is larger than 1/1000th. Believing that a mask is doing anything would be like you going into a bank with a withdrawl slip for 750 bucks and the teller hands you 1 dollar and you walk away a happy camper. Just because a person cannot see or comprehend the size level of virus's doesn't make the size effect any different. In fact the particles that you pick up as a smell, like a flower scent or a fart are also in the same nm range as virus's. If you can smell thru your mask that Joe Bob is blowing the place up you know your mask is doing nothing. If you can smell the perfume on the tranny 6 checkout lanes over, you know masks don't work.
    That also makes the point that a virus can spread and linger as far as the smell of something can. 6ft is ridiculously short in that respect. Yep the retards spewing out information we should take as academic advise cause it meets their adgenda can easily be proven the idiots they are. You just have to know the facts.
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  7. redcaddy51

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    Well said sir,
    I, as an educated white male, (three pieces of paper hanging on my "I love me" wall, that say I'm smart) concur whole heartedly.
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  8. Jim Rau

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    It usually boils down to 'fact, logic, and reality' (Constitutional conservatives) vs 'misinformation (indoctrination), emotion, and ideology' (liberal secular progressives)!:(
  9. Ten Man

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  10. big shrek

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    Actually, the science was already out there prior to the Wu Flu...
    and it said quite clearly that masks were minimally effective,
    but lost what little benefit they had because people hardly ever
    wear or treat them properly. That hasn't changed.

    I've yet to see ONE HAZMAT container for all the disposable masks.
    Which should have happened on day one...why didn't it??
    Because they knew this mask mandate was BS from the getgo.
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  11. Jim Bridger

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    Way out West long time ago. Stage Coach robbers always wore mask/in the movies any way. They always died young of "Lead Poisoning Virus". :rolleyes:
    These were stories of fantasy. The current mask is about robbing the freedoms of Democracy from the American families. :(
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  12. Ten Man

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    No Matter How Big the Hammer.jpg
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  13. shanebrews

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    I got the craving for some fresh fish so I took my kids down to our preferred fish market. They had switched the doors around to make one way traffic through the place. The entrance was through the restaurant side which my kids didn't realize existed. They begged to eat in the restaurant and I was tired and decided that sounded okay. So we got ourselves a platter of fish and chips and sat down to eat. We were not able to finish supper before some 'Karen' decided she needed to have a verbal altercation about masks with an old man who had merely pulled his shirt up over his face to pick up his carryout order. And she wouldn't let it go until he had departed.
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  14. mitchr

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    The Suddenlink tech came Wed. to change out the box on my TV. He was wearing a mask! With the beard he was sporting, the mask, for sure, didn't do him or us any good. Started to tell the poor guy to just take it off, but hey, that's his business!:rolleyes:
  15. Jim Rau

    Jim Rau G&G Evangelist

    'Pieces of paper' do not mean anyone is 'smarter', 'educated' is not synonymous with 'smarter', it means they had the resources and time to get that paper/education that many others did not!;)
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  16. Ranger4

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    Part of the problem is you have one group locked into science like metrology alone and another locked into ideas like you can eat enough vitamin a.d.c.b to avoid infection. Then you have the scientists in Huntington Beach, who measured a radioactive particle surviving the beach spray and traveling in the breeze 125 feet, thereby assuring that everybody living on a coast will be infected sooner or later. If you believe a particle can survive that trip in the breeze, I do not.

    Then as you say, you have the funding problem, remember when the tobacco companies hired all those experts who found that smoking was really not bad for you? Same deal here.

    Then come the policy makers and measure how far the spit flies from a sneeze and the add the gravity index and poof, they vote on 6 feet as a safe distance. Then after months, they realize that stuff is not working, analyze the data and conclude that all those people working side by side in packing plants or living in nursing homes must have gotten in from atomization of the human breath. So, now, the preferred safety mechanism is just to just flood the place with outside air, water it down and blow it outside. Pretty advanced science right there, open the windows and all is well. Makes sense to me.

    Then they figure out that doctors who work in covid wards can survive even within the 6 foot kill zone, if they wear masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, etc. If doctors can suit up and have no problems, why can't people who do not have medical degrees be safe if they suit up also? Lots of reasons I suppose and that is far and away from the issue of masking at a ball game in Hooterville, population 422.

    Your analysis of smelling a skunk or fart far away is spot on in my view. The only qualifier I would suggest is the concept of viral load or the amount of breathing of the infected air that it takes to overcome your own resistance causing a bad outcome, pretty likely for older folks and pretty unlikely in younger ones.

    Hopefully the science folks are looking to ways to effect the virus flow with electrical charges or perhaps some enzyme or chemical attractant that locks it into the layers of a mask. We know that with ozone we can chemically change an odor causing particle and ionization likewise has an effect. So, is there a process by which a mask type device can be temporarily charged or treated to prevent the passage of the smaller particles?

    What about the portable ozone generators hunters have been using for years to hide body scent? Ozone has been used for decades to purify water and while the EPA finds it harmful in the air, harmful as to this virus is relative.

    Just saying, the current masking and arbitrary 6 foot rule may have some demonstrated reductions in infections, but the increases in spread offers very little hope until everybody in the population gets the infection and some degree of immunity is developed across the country. If every person over 65 gets it, then logically we purge the country and planet of maybe 1-5% of all older people, a few years before their normal time on the planet. At least the upside is that helps with the problem of over population in the short term and frees up medical resources for the younger in society. Interesting realities we see coming.

    The only study I have seen that seems to be on tract is one that addresses what you have described, tiny particles that are vaporized or atomized. They do support the use of masks and distancing in their study, but my point is they are addressing the role of vaporized spread which is the real issue. If you cannot find some way to chemically affect the virus, then there are few ways to stop it indoors. Here is the most detailed study I have seen.

    Meanwhile, we have no way to keep from getting exposed except to stay away from large groups of folks indoors. Not much chance of getting it outdoors anyway. Be interesting to see if Trump changes the policy around the White House since himself and 6 others who were together last week now have it.
  17. TXplt

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    Some of the most well educated fools I know have a wall full of paper and superfluous things to tack on to the end of their name. And only fools greater than fools are impressed by a wall full of pretty paper.

    Not that walls full of pretty paper and accomplishments are a bad thing; like a scrapbook of life they can help bring back pleasant memories and spark conversation about stuff (and everyone needs a love me wall). But the fool lay in thinking that they actually mean something credible towards the next hour of a task at hand.
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  18. Ranger4

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    Apparently you did not get the word. It is settled. As to 9mm vs 45, it is 10mm for men and 9mm for women and FBI agents. As to AR 15 vs AK 47, it is AK 47 for indoor and short range use and AR 15 for outdoor and longer range requirements.

    Although some old farts like myself still own several handguns that lob the 45 acp down range. And some of us own ARs that throw the Russian 7.62 x 39 out the front with much more accuracy than the old AK design. Other than that, it is settled.
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  19. Ranger4

    Ranger4 G&G Evangelist

    Excellent point.
    I have multiple degrees, commissions, and pretty nice wall coverings. Just frames alone costs hundreds of dollars each. Lots of people would visit my office and spend a couple minutes just staring at the walls. Then I retired and my audience was suddenly a gang of intellectuals ages 1-17. Try to explain the difference between a regular commission and a reserve commission mounted side by side to a 7 year old. Or try to explain what a degree is in the first place to someone in the 4th grade.

    Since there is limited wall space in homes, which is better, a 12 point deer or some degree from 1976? Anybody can understand the value of the deer and appreciate it every time they enter the room. A degree they only notice one time.

    So, 9 years ago, I put them all in cardboard coverings, wrapped them in duct tape and they are sitting hidden in my garage, probably never to be seen again unless I move to a bigger home. Hopefully they have not rotted.

    My 7 grand kids and 7 great ones only want to know when I will be coming to take them hunting or fishing. So, the meaning of life is just one thing, a la "city slickers". So when I hear somebody has this or that degree it does not matter much. I want my lung doctor to have a related degree and my mechanic to have studied trucks like mine, other than that it means little, just their career path.

    Good points you guys make. My dad had a saying, take the dumbest guy in the room, there is something he does that is much better than you could ever do it.
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