Mass shooting at USF

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  1. Rave

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    Last night at the Florida State University an armed man shot up the student library packed with students cramming for exams today.
    Three students were shot before the police shot and killed him.
    It turned out that he was a black man who the police commented that he may have been paranoid that the gummint was out to get him.
    Good think that he was black and all the victims were white.
    If circumstances were reversed and he was white and all the victims were black it would be judged a hate
    crime and Jessie,Al,Holder,BO,the MSM and the FBI would be on it like a bird on a june bug. :panic:
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  2. my1871colt45

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    Another reason for conceal carry on campus. At the very LEAST start teaching folks to STOP running the other way and giving these crazy fools easy targets, and as a group RUSH the crazy idiot. Most of those that do this crap are cowards to begin with and would drop weapon and pee pants right then!!!

  3. blaster

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    it was Fla State University (in Tallahassee) not the University of Fla. ( in Gainsville)
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  4. Rave

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    You are right,my error! :oops:
  5. shop tom

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    You first.

    Hee hee.
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  6. DWFan

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  7. Big Dog

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    You mean "FSU"...... Right here in my home town. I didn't know they kept the library open all night. Local conservative talk radio is discussing this case, and why this man committed this act. He doesn't fit the usual profile.
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  8. Rave

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    I would guess that it was open for the students to cram for the big test the following day?:confused:
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  9. Big Dog

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    Aha! Could be. Never did the college game myself.
  10. Mantrid_Brizon

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    I think this says a lot about our mental health issues. Certain people (crazies) just NEED to be locked up, for the rest of our safety, and if that's not going to happen, then concealed carry laws need to be made even less restrictive so that the citizens can protect themselves from said crazies. I'm not even going to go into the "most mass shooters were already hopped up on crazy pills when they went off" discussion.
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  11. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    The packages that he sent apparently contain documents telling why he did what he did.o_O
  12. TACAV

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    Was this a "gun free zone"?
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  13. winston64

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    Yes it was. They tried in 2011 to pass a bill to allow CC on campus but the Senate leader refused to bring it to the floor for a vote. Don't quote me, but I believe he is the lawyer of one of the victims Fathers, that was the buzz at the county courthouse here on Friday. That was a bunch of Lawyer types talking, so it might need to be researched.
  14. TACAV

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    Well I'm glad to see the liberal idea of posting harsh magical anti-crime signs worked again and prevented another tragedy. :mad:
  15. DWFan

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    I'm wondering why the feds are continuing to hold these packages that the shooter mailed out before he went on his rampage. They admit that they pose no physical threat, so why keep them? Aren't they private property? Where is the court order to seize them?
    If the guy wasn't completely paranoid and their is evidence in these packages that prove the government was up to something, you can bet it's gone now.
  16. PaleHawkDown

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    USF is in Tampa, they don't have shootings, but they are one of the top schools for rape in the country for their size and type of school.

    Did anyone see the interview with the kid that was saved by all the books in his backpack? He didn't even know he had been a target until it was all over and he found the bullet lodged in one of the books he had just checked out.