match grade .308 ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jv101, May 2, 2008.

  1. jv101

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    I am looking to pick up some matchgrade .308 ammo. Just wondering what your exeriences have been with different ammos. Ive been putting 150gr winchester powerpoints through my savage 10fp just so i can get a feel for the gun, but its not giving me the accuracy i want at 200yards+

    i was looking at the Hornady A-max and Hollow Points. Any other suggestions out there?
  2. JOEGUN94

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    i reload mine, i use hornady 168 gr bthp
    each rifle has it's own preference, just shoot a feew until you get where you want. ot reload them, trial and error,

  3. jv101

    jv101 G&G Newbie

    yeh, i plan on buying a few different types, just seeing what other people recommend to pick up/try
  4. toolman

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    Hornady TAP, Black Hills Match, and Federal Gold Medal Match are a few that come to mind. The ulitimate is reloading your own though...
  5. jv101

    jv101 G&G Newbie

    thanks, i will look into those!
    however at this point in time i dont shoot enough to make it worth reloading, i just want to beable to pick off varmints and turkey buzzards at a 200+ yards away lol
  6. The cost of ammo alone these days and in the future is about enough to start reloading and make it worth while. MHO of course.
  7. Pumpkinheaver

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    Federal Gold Metal is good in a lot of rifles.
  8. jv101

    jv101 G&G Newbie

    ture, right now i cant afford all the stuff i would need to beable to relaod, as i am buying a car in the near future. So right now i am willing to pay 25-30 a box to get a nice grouping at a long distance
  9. samuel

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    Why in hell would anyone ever shoot a turkey buzzard?They are natures cleanup and garbage collectors.People that kill scavengers like them,which never harm anything and only clean up stinky messes,are the ones that give varminters/hunters a bad name.I wish they could all be caught and prosicuted to the full extent of the law. sam.
  10. SwedeSteve

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  11. jv101

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    eh, i just want to snag one, i dont want to kill them all.

    i have a questions that doesnt deserve its own thread so ill just ask it here.
    After about 20-30rd through my .308 im shoulder gets pretty sore, what type of recoil pad/stock would you suggest to lower the amount of recoil going to my shoulder so its much more pleasant for me to shoot and i can shoot longer!
  12. Ammoworks

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