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I have two long barreled Turkish Ka-Kal rifles whose bolts interchange and all the bolt parts interchange with a German 8mm Mauser that has an Amberg 1917 stamp and that was refurbished in Orbendorf in 1924. I am talking with Numrich gun parts about a new firing pin and they say the firing pins from their K-98's will not fit. Same comment for GEW 98 firing pins.
Some people refer to these rifles as Model 39 Turkish rifles.

So my question, if they are right, what other Mauser models should my bolt components interchange with? Isnt the Model 38 Ka-Kal just a standard K-98 Mauser? Is Numrich wrong?

I sent a photo and dimensions, and the Numrich guy said the firing pin from a Brazilian 1908 Mauser was correct. I dont really care except they they have brand new from factory firing pins
for the German mausers and I dont want the used one from their parted out Brazilian rifles.
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