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Discussion in 'Mausers' started by matt760, May 17, 2008.

  1. matt760

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    what's happening to Shotgun News? i've been thinking about building a custom mauser. there used to be mauser 98 actions in shotgun news all the time for under $100. what happened to them?

    and can i build a decent mauser sporter for...say $350? i have a mauser now that i could use. but i'd like to keep that one the military surplus way that it is. who makes good inexpensive barrels? what caliber should i use? i cant decide if i want to build it as a target/varmint gun (probably go with 22-250) or a deer/big game rifle (probably be 30-06, 308, 35 whelen.)

    will the 98 action accept a cartridge like a 460 s&w? or would i have to do the magnum modification to the bolt face? would the 460 perform well in a rifle barrel? if so what would be a good way to go about getting a 460 barrel? could i modify some kind of 45 caliber barrel or would i have to have it custom made? the 460 questions are more just out of curiosity than any thing. i dont really see that as being easily done or the route that i will be taking on my custom mauser if i do actually build it. but if its feasible maybe somewhere down the road i'll attempt it.

    are adams & bennet barrels any good? they are very cheap. are they built that cheap?
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  2. lefty o

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    the only thing your going to "build" for $350 is a pile of junk. just go buy a savage- you'll be money ahead.

  3. matt760 it all depends what all you want to do or change.
    If you buy an action are you going to change the safty ?
    Are you going to have the receiver machined where you can mount scope base's ?
    Will you reconfigure the bolt handle or replace it ?
    Have you priced barrels ?
    You'll also want to replace the trigger system.
    Drop in stocks are available but some may need some wood working done.
    You'll have to customize the floorplate for easier opening.
    What your going to find out is you can buy a nice boltaction rifle cheaper than a build.
    But if exspense is not a problem than go for it.
    A new Ruger Hawkeye will give you everything you could do to a Mauser action and there acurate now.
    And would cost less.
    By the way I have a 1909 Mauser 98 I wanted to customize...I ain't going to spend that much money myself after I looked at the cost for a full blown customized rifle.
    Good Luck ...A.H
  4. matt760

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    i want to BUILD a rifle. not BUY one. Ive already BOUGHT several rifles. i just want to build one. right now i dont have much money. thats why i said 350. i doubt that i will attempt this project in the next 3 years any way. maybe after that i'll have more money to spend. and i'll be attempting to do all the work myself. so i'm just not sending an action away and having some one else build it. lefty what kind of savage do you have? maybe i'll go buy one just like it. that way we can all be the same.
  5. lefty o

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    well your looking at $225 minimum for a russian capture k98. that doesnt leave you much of a budget for parts! for $350 all your gonna have is a bubba'd rifle. as far as your little smart comment, your the guy here asking the questions, ive built a few guns, and am giving you sound advice.
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  6. rfc357

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    You can still find serviceable Mausers for $150 or so, but you will have to look hard. The Yugos have nice metal. Check Big 5 for sales on Yugos.

    There is almost no such thing as a good, inexpensive barrel. However, I have a Savage action with an Adams & Bennett barrel in .22-250 Ackley improved, and it shoots fine. I got the barrel on sale from Midway.

    It's not worth trying to build a rifle if your goal is to beat the price you can get at Wal-Mart. The only good reason to build a rifle (and this is just my opinion) is to get something you can't buy off the rack. For instance, there is no point in building a .30-06 hunting rifle if your needs would be satisfied by a stock Savage. It's just not cost-effective. There was a time when it was, but that time has passed.
  7. Ron AKA

    Ron AKA Guest

    If you want to end up with a quality gun, I would suggest a Savage target quality action:

    Savage Arms Target Actions

    And I like the way these barrels are made using a cut rifled process.

    Bartlein Barrels, Inc. - Main Page

    You are going to push well over $1000 though once you add a stock, but will have a real high quality gun in the end.

  8. matt760

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    i am the one asking the questions. i asked if it could be done. i didnt ask if i should just go buy a factory built rifle. i agree 350 is a pretty unreasonable budget. but that was 350 assuming i already have an action to use. and how do you figure 225 for a mauser to use as a base? i bought a mauser last winter for $79. no it doesnt look like it just rolled off the line but i think the action is still sound. are these not a good platform? and if not can the actions that used to be listed in shotgun news for $60 or whatever they were be used for this. it's really not just about beating remington or rugers prices. i mean i have a beautiful remington 760 that i bought for $300 already. it'd be pretty hard to beat that price i think. its more about the project itself. building a rifle and being able to say that i built that rifle and hopefully it turning out nice enough to be proud when i say it. ...oh and i wouldnt buy a gun at wal mart any way. thanks for the advice though guys. i'm gonna check into it and make an estimate . if it cant be done cheap enough i won't do it. i'll wait till i can spend 800 or a thousand to do it. of course by then it'll probably take 1500 to do it.
  9. AKHunter

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    98 Mausers are excellent platforms and set the standard for strong and reliable function. It will take a bigger budget I expect to complete the rifle by the time you get the stock and barrel, then you have the scope mounts and rings (unless you have some already) and a trigger group ( if you dont want to use the mauser trigger).

    Your caliber choices are good ones, the .308 and 30-06' makes ammo purchasing much easier over the .35 whelen but it is a fine cartridge otherwise. .22-250 for varmints is a good choice as well.

    I would encourage you to pursue building that rifle it should make a fine addition to your collection. You may need to save your nickels a bit longer though. I'm thinking a decent barrel and stock will set you back $500-600.00.

    Have fun !
  10. Steve

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    I just answered this question on another thread,If you already have a action you can get an adams and bennet barrel for about $100, you can get a timney trigger with safety for about $65 and a really good looking walnut stock for richards micro fit for about $125, then have a gunsmith install the barrel on your action for about $100. and drill and tap for a scope at the same time. then do the inletting yourself with a little guidence for the local gunsmith and you should be able to come in around the target $ pretty close, take your time and DO NOT rush.
    JUst my opinion

    Matt pm me. steve
  11. matt760

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    thanks for the info guys.
  12. jaeger

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    I picked up an old globe firearms ltd in .308 for $125. It utilizes a large ring action. I picked up a 1:10 sporter barrel from sporter express and a ross thumbhole stock. All cost in total was $125 for the orig rifle. $99 for the barrel and $79.99 for the stock. This gun shoots great and has been my go to rifle for white tail in NC and Michigan.
  13. turner

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    +1 All Steve's advice is solid and allows you to build a (semi) custom rifle for a very conservative cost.
  14. samuel

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    There are much better actions than a weak,flexible Mauser.Either Rem. or Savage are much easier to work with and more accurate and better when finished.The first thing I would invest in is a book on customizing rifles.There are several out there and Midwayusa has them. It,s fun but trying. sam.
  15. Mauser actions are weak and flexible? Does that include the Remington 798? What if you want to build a controlled feed rifle.
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  16. turner

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    +1, I was kinda surprised at that my own self. Ya learn somethin' new every day!
  17. lefty o

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    i dont consider a mauser weak, though sam does have a point that they are flexible. that is something that has to be taken into account with bedding. the very first step when building a rifle with a mauser action is to make sure the reciever it is not bent.
  18. SwedeSteve

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    I am hoping to pick up a Savage 111 in 300WM shortly. I want to rebarrel it and restock it, and install a quality set trigger. Then add a quality piece of glass with a QD Mount. I am not going to be able to do it all at once. This is going to be a step at a time, as the $ becomes available. Save and build, then save and build. You might try the same approach.
  19. turner

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    On that same note, I picked up a Savage 110 from a buddy for a GOOD price after I'd already found an E.R. Shaw barrel in 338/06 for a 110 and bought some ammo at a good price (without having a rifle). I took it to a gunsmith to have the barrel installed and stock inletted for the new barrel contour. Total cost was south of $400 for all. The rifle had bases, I had some Savage vertical split rings laying around and put a scope I already had on it. Total time was well over a year from me finding the barrel on sale to me shooting under 1.5" on the 1st range session. These fellas are right, simply take your time and go ahead and make something unique rather than going to Wally World.
  20. Ok guys I'm going to build a rifle soon. I just have to get my money right. You guys are killin' me you know that right. I think I'll burn some powder now just to sooth my nerves.