Mauser ATI stock

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by jimkim, May 24, 2008.

  1. I am thinking of ordering one of the ATI stocks. I have an Israeli K-98 It is one of the re-barreled and refinished Nazi mausers. I want to make a scout rifle out of it and was thinking about using the ATI stock. I was wondering have any of you bought one and left the hand guard/scope rail off. I don't care much for the look of it. I think it would look like the Steyr scout stock with out the top. What do you think? I know a 24-25 inch barrel means it isn't a true scout but I don't want to ruin any collectible value this rifle may have.
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    I had one years ago.My Mauser was already drilled and tapped for a scope so I left the hand guard off.I did cut off the part that had the screws and left it on.
    I loved the way it shot much, less recoil and very accurate!
    I wish I had never traded it off.