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ok guys,can anyone tell me what,if any,model barrel will interchange with a vz-24's? want to keep the military configuration but not worried if the length is a little different as long as it is not too short. this gun is just a casual shooter but the barrel is pitted pretty badly and it makes it extremely hard to clean.also,does anyone know of a good source for military barrels? checked with springfield sporters,sarco,etc. but so far they don't sound much better than what i've got.i have also found commercial barrels w/military stepping but they are all .308,30-06, or .300 win. mag. and i want to stay with 8mm,plus i hate to spend a lot of money on a 70.00 gun unless i totally sporterize it,which i don't want to do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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