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    I just bought what I think is a mauser. It has the mauser action and is a pre war weapon. It is short (about a 18" barrel) and has a distinct taper in the barrel about half way. The barrel says it is 7.62 but that is all. I assume it is 308 win (7.62x51) but have heard of 7.62x39 and that the mauser was also available in 30-06 which would also be 7.62x?. Looking in my gun books it looks like a british type A but I think those are too rare to just stumble on. Any help would be appreciated. Stock has either been replaced or has been repaired as I don't feel it is in its original condition.
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    It could be an Israeli K98 that was made in .308. What are the markings on the receiver? What about a date? The Israelis supplementd their weapon stockpiles by buying FN-manufactured K98 Mausers during the early 1950's. Try to describe it a little more. I'm kinda curious now......

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    could be israeli, but i believe they stamped 7.62 on the top of the reviever ring. might also be a spanish convert. need more info, is it a large or small ring? what are all the markings on the reciever? a little more info and im sure we can id this rifle.
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    Here's what I can tell you. On the top of the receiver above where the bullet sits is the words "FABRICA DEARMAS" Under that is the word "OVIENO" (I think... it is pretty worn off). Under that is "1930". On the side of the breech is "Cal. 7.62" with a cross (possibly Spanish) inside a circle. Seriel number is shown on barrel, receiver (including under mag.), and bolt handle. They match and the number is "X948" In front of the rear sight is a "21". That's all I can see without dismantling the gun but I will do that as well to see if there are any more markings. Hope this helps. I'm pretty sure it is 308 WIN.
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    "Oviero" and "Fabrica de Armas" definitely mark it as Spanish, probably the infamous M1916 that started as a 7X57mm and was later converted to 7.62X51 Nato caliber. Some knowledgable people warn us not to use full-power loads in these, as they are considered a weak action. The 18inch barrel seems rather short, but possibly used as a carbine? Another possibility is it may be an FR7, as these were made from the M1916 actions with an 18" barrel. The ammo warning still applies.
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    I would only shoot it with redused pressure hand loads .

    If you can find a good used 7mm barrel , you might re-barrel it back to 7mm .

    Or sell it to some one that wants to do this .

    But , really , I would perfer the M 98 action of the latter Turks , for a rebarreling project .

    God Bless
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    You didn't mention which action your rifle is built on. If it is a pre-98, small ring, cock-on-closing and with no gas shield on the bolt sleeve and if the stock is a straight grip, you could possibly have a Spanish Civil Guard rifle chambered in .308Win. If there is a strange looking tube, resembling a short gas tube under the barrel, you have a Spanish FR-7.

    If it is a 98 type action, with a pistol grip and the "gas tube" under the barrel, it is a Spanish FR-8. I used to have one of these. It was chambered in .308Win. The "gas tube", is a compartment used for the cleaning tools and the cap on the end of the tube was for locking the bayonette.

    I don't know the history of the Civil Guard or the FR-7, but, the FR-8 was simply a reworked Spanish 1943 Mauser. When Spain was converting over to semi-auto and full-auto firearms, the FR-8 came into being. It was roughly the same weight and length as the CETME and the .308Win (7.62x51) is virtually, not exactlly, the same as the .308 CETME. This seemed to make since to the Spanish military, get the troops used to firing a bolt action rifle that is roughly the same weight and length as a semi and full auto rifle. Being a bolt action, it could simulate firing the CETME in the semi-auto mode, the only difference being, the bolt action does not soak up the recoil like the auto, and that SOB had some pretty mean recoil. I am a big ol' boy, but it took only one round with that steel buttplate to get me to slip on a sissy pad. I have never had a problem with flinching, but it took a few rounds with the slip-on to get settled back down. I still hurt just thinking about that one, LOL.

    I hope this helps you out in your search for which rifle you have.

  8. This is the one?
    Samco Global Arms, Inc.--Rifles

    Scroll down to:
    Guardia Civil Spanish Mauser - Cal. .308 Win
    Manufactured at famous Oviedo facotry in Spain for the Spanish Army. Converted to use ever plentiful 7.62 Nato (.308WIN) round. Short rifle. polished turned down blot, 5 round magazine, fixed side support and sling swivel.

    Barrel length: 21.00"
    Overall length: 41.3"

    Very Good condition: $129.95
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    This thread began back in 2002, before I got my FR8 and just recently my M1916. Both very good short rifles. Added to my M1943 Airforce Model, it gives me a good representation of Spanish Mauser rifles. Now, I'm on the hunt for a good FR7! :)
    Got my CETME too - I just love those Spanish Ladies!

    Pic of my Spaniards:
    The M1916 is as received. The M1943 is in a shortened Brazilian '08 stock, as the original was Bubba'd. The FR8 is refinished.

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  10. PERTY!

    The Spanish put together a respectable arsenal.
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    Seems like they were always fighting somebody! They needed good guns. :)
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    Did you ever find an FR7?