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Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Iron_Colonel, May 26, 2008.

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    Went to the range today with my AK and did some shooting with both. I had my prescription glasses on, and not my contacts, so I could barely see the targets at 100 yds. Guess I might have to go back soon >:D It shot well. Had about 4 different shooters on it and it went on pretty accurately, staying on 8x10 target paper most of the time. Surprises me for being a 1940 gun. But its still got a decent bore. So I was quite happy with that. I also did some other shooting with a Ruger .223 bolt action and a .44mag lever action. I might be in the market for a good lever gun now:). Anyways, if anyone else has any Turk Mausers, I'm interested in how they shoot as well. I was shooting Turk 8mm surplus dated 4 years after my gun was made. That stuffs pretty right on in that gun.
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    turk 38

    Had one about 5 years ago that shot great, even though there was a bulge at least 4 inches long 2/3 down the barrel.

    Traded it and a 91/30 for a Remington nylon 76 lever action 22, after I told them about the barrel on the mauser.

    Two 5 dollar rifles for a 500 dollar rifle, go figure.

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    You made an awesome trade!