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Mauser question

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I'm looking at a 98K in 7mm. It's got a very attractive sporter stock, cold blued barrel (new barrel), Bushnell 3X9, appears to be in good condidtion. It's owned by a gunsmith friend of mine who wants to sell it because he never shoots it. He wants $300 for it. It's Swedish I believe. It doesn't have the nostalgic look of the standard 98.

Any suggestions or comments? I know very little about Mausers....
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to be of help we need more info-what are all the markings on the reciever, and what makes you believe its a swede?
I'll look into it. Like I said, I don't know much about Mausers. The gunsmith that owns it said it was a Swede. I'll pay attention to the markings when I see him this weekend and then repost more info. Thanks....
I was mistaken. It's a German Mauser, something about being based off of a 1908, and something about DWM "Dutch Waffen something or other....." Does that help at all? I have a pic if I can figure out how to upload it.
Oh yeah, it's glass bedded and free floated.
More than likely the 98K you are speaking about is 8MM (close to 30-06 in ballistics) and is probably a M48.

Check out for some great info.
DWM is a fine German company, and produced some of the best Mausers. If it's dated that early, it's based on the long Gewehr 98 action. The shorter Kar98k wasn't produced til the thirties. Since it's been sporterized, it could have been any caliber. 7mm is an excellent all-round hunting caliber, and several owners of sevens here'bouts swear by them. Great for deer, and less recoil than an 8mm, much like a 270. Sounds like you got a good one.
Yeah, I'll probably go ahead and by it. Thanks for all the info! Good shooting.

The rifle you are looking at is more than likely a 1908 Brazilian contract rifle that was produced by Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken. These were produced at both the Berlin facility as well as the Oberndorf facility. These are typical South American contract long rifles and have recently been imported into the United States in large quanities. The 1908 contact for Brazil was originally produced in 7x57. If this rifle your are looking at is a Brazilian contract rifle then it will have "mod 1908" on the right side fo the front reciever ring just above the wood line. A "B" in a circle will be on the left side of the reciever ring just behind the serial number. The serial number will also start with a funny looking "B". I hope that this information is of some use to you.
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