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    Kinda silly...but whats the diffrence between the Turkish, Check, German, Yugo, el. Mausers? :confused: How are the ones out on the country more abused than the others?
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    I'm not a mauser expert, but i'll tell you what i know. 8mm might be able to add a lot to what i'm putting here. just a guess though.
    czech- i think most of them were made by BRNO arms. most of the ones i've seen were well worn, but i've heard they are also among the best.

    german-i've heard that these are the best. made by mauser, not just under license and should be worth a bit to collectors. these are also high quality

    yugo-these were made after wwii and packed away through some odd freak of history. most of them are availble in never been fired condition even though they are 50 years old.

    turk-these were made under liscence in turkey and are the wwi model 98, as opposed to the kar98k that all the others are. the only difference is the turk mauser is 49" as opposed to 43" i think these are the lowest quality mausers availble, but mine still shot 2' groups at 100 yards with 50 year old surplus ammo. i looked like crap though.

    don't know anything about the spanish, i think they're .308 caliber, but not sure. hope this helps.

  3. johno is right the only thing i can add to is is that the swedes made them under licence in 6.5mm, but other than that,the only real difference would be the length of the action, a standard Germn Mauser would be considered a full or standard length mauser action, the turks and yugos are intermidiate length, the CZ's i'm pretty sure are standard length, and i'm not sure what the swedes are as i havn't had too much experience with them.
    hope this answers your question.
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    The Yugos are in the best condition. The Swede 6.5 mm guns are incredibly good at long range. They are accurate at 1000 m. The Turks are generally worn out.
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    Basically, there are three action lengths for Mausers - short, intermediate and long. The Turkish '03 is long, and is a modified Gewehr 98 (WWI German) type. The more common Turkish M38 is the intermediate length, like the Czech VZ24, FN and Spanish. The M48/M48A Yugo and the German Kar98K are the short receiver. Bolts, stocks and other parts won't interchange between the different action lengths. Many earlier 98's also cock on closing (my Turk '03, for instance) while the WWII and later Mausers cock on opening. There are also "small ring" and "large ring" actions to consider. The Turk 38's are large ring actions, but many use the small ring barrels. All Mauser 98's are not created equal. This is why they are such interesting rifles to collect, a lot of variation!
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    I kind of thought that about that particular avitar myself, though I like it!