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Wimpy caliber? It's about on a par with the .30-06 - pretty wimpy compared to a .458 WinMag. :p

The main ones on the market now are the Turkish M38, the Yugo and Russian reworked Kar98k's, and the Swede M38 and M96.
The Israeli Kar98k's are seen, too.
As with any milsurps, some are sweet and some are skanks - it's nice if you can see them in the metal at a gunshow and be able to check 'em out. Ordering sight unseen always makes me queasy. Some distributors give good descriptions (Alan's Armory in Florida is one such) but you'll pay more for quality.
Do not bother with Mitchell's Mausers - way too expensive!

Over all the Swedes are probably the best Mauser model - they took good care of them.

The Spanish are scarce these days, and the metal quality is always suspect.

The Yugo and Russian reworks can be decent, but are usually parts rifles - few if any matching numbers. Good shooters, but not true collector pieces.

The Turks have the greatest variation in quality - from diamonds to turds. Check 'em carefully.
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