Maverick 88 or Hawk 982?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by bgelectrician, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. bgelectrician

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    These are both the cheaper versions from the originals so what would be the best HD Shotty that I can add cool stuff to? I have the option of getting a new Maverick 88 for $249.00, a Hawk 982 for $199.00 or a used Remington 870 for $200.00?
  2. SilverRun

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    Used Remington 870! No doubt about it...

  3. Depends on what brand you prefure, I like Mossbergs better and I Own a Mav 88 and can tell you that I would trust my life with it. Almost 9 years I have owned it and not a problum. The 870 is a good gun but I like the Mossbergs better.
  4. Sober

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    Maverick 88 All the way. With the Mav 88 you have access to pretty much all the same stuff that goes on to a Mossberg 500.
  5. Spooky.45

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    if your wanting a h/d shotty i would say the 88 is the way to go esp if your wanting to dress it up a little
  6. cheapsandwich

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    I'm with most on this. the mav88 and the 870 have a bigger after market. the 870 has a slicker action. I'm a mossberg guy, tang safety and slide actuator more comfortable. but I would not worry about a used 870 as long as you check it out, the're great guns.
  7. krazykeny

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    I got the maverick, and it uses almost all the Mossburg 500 adons.