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    At this time i have no 20 ga. and have been wanting to get one. Have recently been offered a Maverick 20 ga. pump, black synthetic stock (of course), vent rib, new in box for $250.00. I have never had a Mav and know nothing about them other than they are a cheaper made version of Mossberg with some of the parts made in Mexico. I have bought from the guy before and been treated right by him. But i just dont know enough about the gun to be sure of it. I know most of you guys are probably pretty familiar so could it be a good deal??

    Any info or opinions would be appreciated thank you.
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  3. Personally,

    I view it prudent to shy away from the lower priced offerings of any gun manufacturer.

    However, if the question is have I ever fired the Maverick product the answer is no.

    Best wishes.
  4. $170 -$190 at Kmarts and Walmarts. $250.00 is a little steep.
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    I had a maverick in 20ga. Was on the trap range with the barrel pointed in front of me into the dirt. My turn came up and I cycled the action. It went off without me pulling the trigger. Sold it the next day
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    As said before, sounds a bit steep for a maverick. You can find them for half that at gun shows sometimes...
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    I am late to the thread, but a buddy picked up a model 88 Maverick from Big 5 the other day and we just got back from putting it through its paces.

    On a side-by-side comparison it is extremely similar to the 500. No sling swivels, it isn't tapped for a scope, and a slightly cheaper pump.

    We spent the morning dusting clays with it, then moved into slugs and worked on splitting bowling pins. We put around 100 rounds through it total today.

    We had zero problems. For $200 I think it is a great entry level defense shotgun.
  8. Junction15

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    I traded for a Maverick 88 (and some other stuff) a couple of years ago. This one is a 12 ga. I played with it mostly as a curiosity and it has shot fine for me so far,
    I bought a Model 500 18 1/2" barrel for it and had fun busting clays at 50 to 60 yards. Not that I expected to be able to do that, and granted that I couldn't "smoke" the clays. But it busted them decently considering - almost impossible to miss. I had my son-in-law envious of my wingshooting "skills" which was almost enough fun in itself. Then I let him try it and he learned the secret of no choke and #8 shot. (And no, I would not hunt with it at that range.)

    All in all, it's an inexpensive but reliable "beater" shotgun- I got my monies worth but I don't think I'd pay $250 for one.
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    I don't know where you guys live but not only is the Maverick (any model) at least $225.00 USD NIB, but Big Box Mart (Wally World) doesn't even sell firearms. I decided the extra fifty was more then worth it to buy a Mossberg 500, but if I had the chance to get even a used Maverick 88 (Security 18.5" preferred) for $150 or so, I'd jump on it. Great firearms. I liked them the few times I handled them.
  10. Alan Duke

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    Same here. I shot a friends against my Winchester Wingmaster and it shot very well. Not as smooth, but the Maverick was out of the box and brand new. My Win. was well broken in and comfortable for me. I would own one.
  11. dothedrew57

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    Well down here there is a Walmart with a gun case. It's 190 for a maverick. Hell they even carry ar15s now. I paid 250 plus tax for my mossy 500 with a beautiful wood stock and ported barrel. :)

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    It's about the same here in central Maine. The Walmart stores here all sell shotguns and rifles - no handguns unless you count BB pistols. I think the last sale price for the Maverick 88's was just under $200. Model 500s were about $250.
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    i have a mossberg 500 and a maverick 88. comparatively, the 500 is the better weapon, especially if you intend to hunt with it, which i do and thats why i got it. the 88 is a great home defense gun. short barrel, no choke, point and boom. very loud. although! i did have problems with the maverick when i bought it. sometimes it would misfire, now mine is an older model and mossberg is aware of the problem it had with the misfires and have thus fixed it in new production weapons. the problem was on the hammer there was a halfcock notch, and if the trigger was not pulled hard enough the hammer would catch and 'click.' pull the trigger again and the hammer doesnt have enough force for push the firing pin. took it to a gunsmith and had him grind off the unnecessary notch and have never had a problem again!
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    Well I'll tell you, I am near Statesboro, and Savannah, Georgia, and Wal Mart DOES sell firearms and ammo here, Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns.
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    I paid about $150 for my Maverick several years ago. It wasnt until 2009 that I got a 500. Side by side the Maverick is not as nice as the 500 but that is why it isnt called a 500. Comparing the two is like compairing a Savage Axis to a Remington 700, both are good bolt action rifles but you get what you pay for. I still have both of them and still shoot them both. For what the Maverick costs if you are looking for a entery level shotgun it is great, but if you have several years of shooting go ahead and spend the extra money and got the 500 either way you are getting a good gun for what you paid for that you can add all the mall ninja extras you want to either one (none of that crap on either of mine).
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    Why do you reply to a question when you obviously have nothing to add, or can't come close to giving a competant answer to the question ????
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    I do have and use a Maverick Model 88, 12 ga. 3" chamber and it has not given one bit of trouble in past ten yrs of use . Ventilated rib and accu-chokes synthetic stock & forearm. Fires 3" slugs from rifled slug barrel like a bolt action at 100 yds.+ Never refused to fire except on empty chamber, and does not have the Bennelli click when chamber is loaded.
  18. Go to walmart. As for the gun I have put God knows how many rounds through it with no problems.
  19. winston64

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    250 sounds a little steep, I guess it would depend on the area. Around here 180-190, maybe 200. I received my Maverick security on trade, Nib. Had a little trouble with it feeding the last shell in the mag, but with ten spare minutes and a fine stone on the cartridge stop ( wouldn't allow the elevator to complete it's cycle) no more problems, but I never expected a Mossy fit for a Maverick price. The shotty has been reliable and eats every thing fed to it, but if you can't do some fitting or don't want to, spend a little extra and get a Mossy.
  20. TJ80

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    I have a model 88 defender with a 18" barrel and haven't had any trouble with it. I only use it to dust clays, but it's a good time. I also just picked up a maverick over under 12ga with the 28" barrel and I've only had one shooting session with it but it's awesome too. Real smooth and surprisingly low recoil. I paid $220 for the model 88 and $400 for the over under. That's Canadian too though.