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    All of our Mavrick 88's (home defense, field, and youth) are at $219.99. regular sale price is $199.99, but I have had some sales where they dropped to $179.99.

    The Mavrick 88 is basically the same as the 500 except the mavricks do not have the receivers drilled and tapped, the safety is in the trigger group, and the forend stock is slightly different.

    An adjustable pistol grip stock actually works better on the Mavrick 88 than it does on the 500 because the safety is in front of the trigger on the 88 instead of the top back of the receiver like the 500. with the 500 fitted with the pistol grip stock, you have to let go of the pistol grip and move your hand away from the trigger to get the safety off. (or carry it with the safety off, which isn't a good option either). It's because of this as to why I never put a pistol grip stock on my 500 Mariner.
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    $250 is way steep. You can get them from Dick's or Walmart NIB for $179-200 depending on if they're on sale. I bought a 18.5" one off a friend in like new condition (15 rounds fired through it) for $130. I kept it for about 8 months and it was great for the money. Nice and lightweight, smooth action, shot really well. Never had a single hangup with it. Sold it a little while back and bought a 20" 8 shot Mossberg 500

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    As noted by others - Maverick is an "economy line" for Mossberg - but other manufacturers also have these. As an example - Stoegers are functionally the same as a Benelli (Benelli owns Stoeger) but not as "nice". I have a Mossberg 590A1. A few years back shortly after I got it the ghost ring sight adjustment screw broke. I contacted Mossberg for warranty work and they had me send it to Maverick for repair. They fixed the sight and returned it to me zeroed for Winchester slugs at 30yds - complete with the target they used to zero it. I took it to the range and shot it with the same ammo to verify and it was pretty much on for me so I have no complaints with Maverick. o_O
  4. My first shotgun was a Mav88....its on year 21 and still kicking. Been shot lord only knows how many times.

    Its same as mossberg except the safety and the forearm. The forearm can be converted using parts from Midway (or wherever you like to buy parts).