May sound dumb, but think about it.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. jerry

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    Would you rather have more guns, OR more time and $$$ to shoot the ones you have? I have plenty, and always want more of course. Hovever, I sometimes feel I don't get to shoot what I have enough now.
  2. Doglips

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    Ill bite jerry...My proble is I spend the $$ I have on "new" guns and then dont have $$ for ammo. Im up to 31 and honsely only shoot 3 or 4 regulary (I stive for 1 day a week at the range) wife like her 9mm and shoots it every time we go...I tend to go on the powder a few weeks..Mosin the next few.
    I think I would be better off buying less C&R stuff and get "nicer" a 50 BMG for plinking. Some of the toys .. in hind site are my 454 Cas or 45/70 burn up some raly $$ quickly when all Im doing is putting holes in paper.
    So for me I want both...more guns and more $$....and Im gona hold my breath until I get IT :)

  3. Logansdad

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    definitely more guns
  4. jerry

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    Smily for breath holding = :eek:

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I'd rather have more time and money to shoot what I got. 'Tis better to know what you have inside out than to fumble around with what you hardly handle!
  6. Armorer

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    One rifle is all I have, all I need, all I want.

    Now spare time, that's a whole different story!
  7. definatly wish i had more $$ and time to shoot.
    what's the use of having 40, 50, 60 guns and not shooting them, aside from collecting of course?
  8. Doglips

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    For me I figure sooner or later (like 5 min after reno gets elected govenor of florida) the goverment is going to come get my stuff. I refuse to have some stupid news reporter say that the police confenscated an "Arsenal" of guns ...and be refering to 3 or 4 firearms. I want the goverment to have to rent a U-haul and go into overtime. I want the city evacuated because of the sheer # of rounds of ammo found....Then I will sit in my cell smiling because I know that the govement workers have to record.check, recheck every serial #..and write a report on every thing they unlike my fellow inmates who had only 1 or 2 guns...I will be responsable for several "agenrs" geting Carpel Tunnel syndrom and going out on workmans comp...:)
  9. Stewart

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    More time and $$ to shoot. It's hard enough now trying to figure out which guns to fire now, not to mention cleaning (I have several Milsurplus). If had had too many more it would be hard to keep really familiar with them all.
  10. BattleRifleG3

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    I think I'm slowing down with the gun purchases. I used to get one roughly every 2 months, then my wallet screamed in pain. Considering that I'm 20 and in college, that's pretty darn much. Two of them have since departed and I can think of only 2-4 more that I actually seriously want and think I would have adequate use for. I think there are more gun purchases behind me than ahead. I used to want everything, but now I think it's much better to focus your efforts and resources on improving the guns you have and your competence with them.
  11. Stopper

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    I want more time and one of those SAW's in Stewarts picture!!!!

    I could find time to plink around with that bad boy!
  12. BenP

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    I need more firearms now. My armory is ill equipped to adequately arm everyone in the household. I'd like a couple more semi auto pistols and a couple more mini-14s. I also need another shotgun and another bolt action hunter for my daughter. What I could really use is more reloading equipment and supplies. I think once a week at the range is adequate.
  13. Calvin

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    I would opt for more time right now. But, once I catch up on shooting, it'd be the more guns/money scenario. However, it's easier for me to take 5 minutes to order a firearm then it is to pack up and head to the range.
  14. Mon Bathan

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    I have time but I need more---more money to shoot!!! Agree 100% to 8mm vigilante, otherwise my guns will just be pieces of display stuff.