Mayor Nutter's Cowardice

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    For months now, I've listened to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter use the NRA and its members as scapegoats for the city's violent crime. After the murder of Philadelphia police Sgt. Steven Liczbinski, Nutter said the NRA "should apologize."

    At a hearing contesting the legality of five gun-control ordinances signed by Mayor Nutter, he said the NRA and its members are "virtually criminal" for opposing the patently illegal and unconstitutional infringements on Philadelphians' freedoms. Like the Roman emperor Nero, Mayor Nutter is fiddling while his city burns, ignoring the real problems that are only getting worse.

    But Nutter's refusal to address the violent crime plagues his city.

    The question is, does Mayor Nutter have the courage to admit that cop killer Howard Cain should have been behind bars instead of on the street?

    Does Mayor Nutter have the courage to admit that someone arrested 27 times for illegal possession of a gun should have more than three convictions to his name?

    Does Mayor Nutter have the courage to ask prosecutors why, on two-dozen occasions, they failed to prosecute Cain for his alleged crimes?

    Does Mayor Nutter have the courage to demand that the parole board explain why all three men accused of Sgt. Liczbinski's death were on parole when he was murdered?

    Does Mayor Nutter have the courage to deal with the real problem in Philadelphia? Or will he stick to the script ... and blame NRA members while career criminals rule the City of Brotherly Love?

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    Nutter will not accept the blame for anything. He has no courage or honor. He speaks with a forked tongue.

  3. Nutter, like Obama and Hillary . . .

    plays to the liberal media and wants his soundbite on the evening news for a reward.

    With people like this it is all about exposure rather than facts
    followed with common sense actions.

    They always run the risk of having someone having the facts and asking the right questions.
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    He's a liar and he knows it.
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    He and Mayor Daley of Chicago, and all the rest of the "Anti-Gunners" should all get together in Massachusetts or something and all live in peace and no gun harmony. I've got $500 on them being all for guns in a month. :-D
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    Nah, they'd just surround their "compounds" with armed Rent-A-Cops and let the unarmed citizens suffer the crimewave.
    Once a nutter, always a nutter. :eek:wned2: