Mayors back reparations that could cost $6.2 quadrillion, or $151M per descendant

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    Me: "Will you take a cheque?"
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    This doesn’t surprise me, seeing who instigated this, Booker and Jackson, both so far out of touch with reality I’m surprised they know what planet they’re on. This whole thing is laughable and will never go anywhere.
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    Not to mention violates both the constitution and anti discrimination law.

    This doesn’t end well. BLM and KKK are two sides of the same coin. Yet the woke mentality by endorsing BLM is gaining traction among would be plutocrats. And garnering hate amongst people who have no reason to dislike each other. Other than the flames are being stoked and fanned by a propaganda media with deep Marxist intent and direction. And wokes are endorsing lawless behavior.

    It is getting to be the time we well could be heading for a full scale civil war.
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    Me: "The check is in the mail." Just like the gov't tells us.:rolleyes::(
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    The American governors and mayors are fools,elected by fools. :cool:
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    thats a pretty blanket statement, surely not ALL of the elected officials are fools elected by fools.. otherwise your calling me one!
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    Black People Stimulus.

    (Not my first thought)
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    As I remember, back when this was an appropriate topic of discussion, Republicans brought it up, and democrats shot it down. Back when the actual former slaves were alive to collect. Today, it is not a viable topic of discussion.
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    Hmm, looks like everyone should get an ancestry DNA test is in order so everyone with an African descendent back down the line can get their reparations check too. We'll see if they discriminate against these people who have ancestry proof.
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    That’s a very interesting scenario. My wife’s mom had one done a few years back and it came back saying she had 1% African DNA. Sounds feasible as her parents came over from Sicily so some where in their lineage could had been a black member. May need to have my wife get her DNA checked....we could be millionaires.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    How about we just move all Blacks back to Africa. Since they hate it so much here. It would be cheaper.
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    Why get a DNA check? I can just “identify” with the African-American race and consider myself transracial. How dare anyone question the legitimacy of choice!
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    I don't believe that they support reparations so much as they will back anything that will get them reelected. If they believed that walking down the street naked and peeing on fire hydrants would get them reelected, most would do it in a heartbeat. Like most all politicians they will wh*re themselves out to get reelected. Anything to keep the taxpayer dollars lining their bank accounts.
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    Dam the constitution,full speed ahead! :rolleyes:
    A sign o' the times. :cool:
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    I say we authorize reparations, but with the following caveats:

    1. It will be paid out like the lottery in reasonable payments over a large number of years OR the recipients can choose to be taxed at a rate of 80% and receive a one-time lump sum.

    2. There will be no more welfare or special dispensations of any type ever available to anyone who claims this money, nor their descendants up to, and including; Social Security, unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, scholarships, preferred loans, jobs programs, preferential hiring or recruiting, or grant monies.

    3. Before claiming, each person wishing to receive reparations must pay back any and all government money, or special minority program money, they or their ancestors have ever received according to government records - with interest. If they are unable to pay, this sum will be garnished from their monthly reparations payments. This may result in negative payments for some families.

    4. The funds are to be paid out of the taxes of anyone descended from slave owners at an amount of $10 per month - regardless of race. This would mean roughly 97% of blacks would be paying INTO the program, roughly 63% of Native Americans, and roughly 12% of whites would be paying into the program.

    5. DNA, military records, Census data and/or family trees will be required to prove exemption from paying into the program based on the following exemptions:
    A. An ancestor (or ancestors) of yours fought for the Union military in the Civil War
    B. An ancestor of yours was an abolitionist or manumissionist
    C. Census data shows that no member of your family ever owned slaves, or the bulk of your ancestry never owned slaves, either by virtue of geography, financial status, race, or by the timing of arrival to this country.

    6. All "black" universities can no longer receive any Federal or State monies of any sort. All such public universities be merged with local community colleges through an adult version of bussing.

    7. All urban betterment projects will be put on halt if the bulk of the community receiving the betterment qualify for reparations.

    8. Anyone accepting these monies and then making a statement about racism, inequality, and further reparations, or found committing any crime, will be required to pay back all money gained in-full, and will not be eligible for further funds - nor will their descendants.

    9. Anyone with a felony record is unable to receive these payments.

    10. Anyone who cannot prove who their father is - naturally or legally adopted - within 60 days of the start of the program will be automatically assumed to have been descended from slave owners.

    11. If your ancestry was Southern and was personally subjugated under Reconstruction, had their lands and property taken, and was denied the right to vote, you have already paid your portion.

    12. Anyone registering as, or voting as, a Democrat - by virtue of that party's history with inequality and racism - will be required to pay 100 times the agreed-upon monthly amount out of their taxes. If they are unable to afford payments, "voluntary" labor programs will be available going on the basis that these people do not equate indentured servitude or corporate dependency with slavery.