McCain in reality? An opinion.

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  1. Today McCain stated the war could be won by 2013.
    Please look at the polls - The vast majority of Americans
    do not want it won. They want it ended.
    Is McCain's teleprompter run by the Democratic National Committee?
    This year's election is about the internal financial situation of
    American citizens. It is about fuel prices, health care, social
    security, and job creation. It is a simple fact that important
    swing voters are turning off and tuning out McCain when he
    talks about his family military heritage, winning the war,
    listening to the generals in the field about pulling out,
    and building up the military.

    This type blundering is not good for Republican candidates
    at all levels and we need them even if we don't like some of them.
    Republican candidates must concentrate on the American
    electorate to be in a position to protect our gun rights.

    It is no longer enough for gun owners to be politicized.
    This year we must be politically active.
    We have no choice.
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    Nathan, you're right--I'd refer you to the thread "moe larry and curly...."

    He turned me off when he was advocating the Carbon Scams (the "cleaners" will be the developing and third world countries that we'll be giving our $ to, and they'll be doing as they please--effectively taking US to the cleaners) Worse than the quarter slots in vegas.

    But I have little choice--o or h will be bad for our country.

    How do we fix this ?

  3. Hi TXplt

    We can only fix it over time and with work.
    For now, the 2008 election will be a repeat of
    the 2004 with the swing vote electorate voting for the
    candidate that offends them less. This will
    decide the winner of the election.
    I agree totally with the Texas Overnight
    Network (radio) analysis in this matter.

    This is sad beyond belief.

    We must, in my opinion, grow a political
    party from the grassroots level interested
    primarily in the middle class of Americans -
    its expansion, economic protection, enlargement
    of freedoms, expectation of social security,
    providing affordable medical care, and
    themes similar to these.

    Note the Republican Party of Lincoln was
    formed only a few scant years before he
    was in the White House. Americans have
    historically moved rapidly in the direction of
    a cause that relates to their true needs.
  4. Right now here in Indiana, his picture is running along side Mayor Bloomberg(sp) and a bunch of other gungrabbers that are wanting to close the "gun show loop hole". It is making him look completely antigun.
    There is no gun show loop hole. I have bought a lot (7 or 8) at gun shows from dealers and I have went through all the checks just like in a gun shop. They want to stop face to face sales by individuals any where near a gun show.
    If they get that law passed then it will end up with NO face to face sales anywhere.
    It is just another bite out of our rights.
    Can't the people see this?
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    The war will only put us in debt even more, since a lot of that money that the federal reserve prints for us, then loans to us with interest, never comes back to US soil. Heck, the government is paying private contractors over in Iraq right now, and all of that is non taxable foreign income.

    HARDERTR Guest

    I think it's rediculous when folks say "We can win this war by (date)..." Anytime THAT statement is made, I am shown how out of touch that person is with reality.

    Unlike other wars where we fought an invading force in some foreign country, we took the war to a country to fight a culture. These people have been fighting since the begining of time....amongst themselves, and in thier own backyards. To say we can change them in a specified ammount of time is ignorant.

    In order to win this "war", we have to enforce our standards for at LEAST one full generation. When the US entered Iraq (a country that had about as much to do with Sep 11th as Canada, Mexico..and even the US ITSELF), we were naive and pompous in thinking we should turn this country into a Democracy. We said it was for "the people". In reality, our government was too conniving to openly state the true motives.

    I plan to vote for McCain. That being said, he is no better than President Bush, VP Cheney, or anyone else that got us into this mess in the first place. He does seem to stand for more of the views I share, so he gets my vote, but I am by no means satisfied with him either.
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    I heard on NPR today that the Iraq holding camps were going to start letting go a lot of "suspected" Al Qadia members. They were saying that mainly most of the people with held are poor, young, uneducated people, that took money from terrorist cells once to be a look out, or to deliver something, or to do any type of a one time errand.

    They were saying that over 2/3 of them are most likely not dangerous. When they asked about potentially dangerous, the Lt. in charge of that compound said that anyone is potentially dangerous. A lot of them being let go are around the age of 18, so they are pretty young.

    I think that just goes to show how much we don't know about what is going on over there and to say that we can win by 2013 is outrageous.
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    I would only vote for Obama or Clinton if Bin Laden was the one running against them.
  9. Wow, good thought. Vote for bin laden. When he shows up to get sworn in, put a bullet in his head.
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    We can't afford to keep this war going. What ever is going to happen there will happen whether we stay another month or 5 years. McCain better start toning
    down the war stuff if he wants to get elected. The masses don't want to hear about
    a "100 year war"
  11. They have killing themselves for over 1500 years and we will never stop it.
    All we can do is keep them killing each other over there so they might be to busy to come over here and kill us.
    The war DOES have its good points. You just have to look for them.
  12. I partily agree with Mr. Lee 3370. I do not agree with the first of the last two sentences.
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    The ONLY choice for a gun owner is McCain. A vote for any Independent or Libertarian candidate is just a wasted vote. If there was any chance at all for an Independent or Libertarian to win I would vote for them , but it just isn't going to happen. With the possibility that an anti gun liberal is going to be elected to the White House I HAVE to become a single issue voter and McCain is the only possible pro gun candidate who has any chance of winning. What is even more critical for gun owners are the House and Senate elections. This is where the laws get made and the liberals have just about made both houses all theirs! Get out and vote for your pro gun congressional and senatorial candidates!!!
  14. +1
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    I wonder if it woul;dn't be better to let the the demorats take control of everything and let them have to answer for the misery they will create!
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    You are probably right about the gun owner part, but McCain stands for so much else I don't want our country to be or do. I don't think he is addressing the major issues our country faces at the moment and I think other people are.

    McCain should start to listen to the people and change his plan if he wants votes, then again all of them say one thing during the election process and do whatever the please once elected. Too bad there is no vote to get them fired if they lie to us.
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    I personally believe McCain is the new JOHN KERRY.he has flip and flopped more times than a fish out of water.But considering the ones running againest him i will be voting for McCain.
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    Nathan -- +1

    McCain is, for better or worse, the only candidate realistically capable of winning the election who won't attempt to ban private firearms ownership in our country.

    I'm not real stoked about him either (nothing against him personally, but I do think he's been in warshington too long). His wacky carbon cap and tap stance has me concerned as well--we need actions not words when it comes to energy.

    I'd sure rather have him around than 0/h when something bad requiring action hit offshore, though.

    Our hopes for the two party system, in having the best candidates rise to the top, have been totally false. We quite simply have not come close to getting really good candidates in general, and specifically not since Reagan. A mixed bag before that as well. George Washington was right--political parties have served our coutry exceedingly poorly. It's time to get away from this--cut the $. Maybe we need to disband all the political parties for a few decades. Let's start voting for public servants again.
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    Folks, we the voters are responsible for the candidates that are running, Obama, Clinton, and McCain. We had better choices in both parties but these are the ones that the majority of the voters supported.
    This year, for the first time in many years we the voters had a chance to elect someone who truly supported our Constitution and would have tried to lead the Government back to it. It is no surprise that our liberal media and the other candidates tried to deny him as much coverage as possible. What is suprising is that the majority of the voters couldn't recognize that we had a true Patriot running and would not support him. A candidate who would actually be a Statesman instead of a Politician does not come along very often. I am speaking of Ron Paul.
    So, once again we are back to voting for the best crooked politicians money has bought and we hope to pick the lesser of the evils of these. But don't blame these politicians for it was we, the majority of the voters, that put them there.
  20. True, totally true. I just hate that I am considered part of the majority.