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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Shaun, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Shaun

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    Has anyone heard about the newest bill McCain has proposed stating the the USA is responsible for all medical care of Illegals because the USA did not do a good job of keeping them out.

    I heard on O'reilly factor last night that private citizens are going to senator's in Washington saying the same thing we have about the citizens securing the borders if the government won't
  2. Stopper

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    A bus ride back over the border is alot cheaper than medical bills.

    I say give'm the bus ride, if we don't stop 'um cold at the border.

  3. Eric

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    Why don't McCain let'em stay at his house?
  4. I have no idea what is new about this bill, but it has to be something in the proposition or writing.

    Arizona has been doing this for some time.........maybe, perhaps, it was a gimme before and now they (McCain ) wants to make it a law.

    In the meantime the senior citizens of Arizona, and probably other states, struggle to get decent medical care. D A M N!

    That dang cross-dressing Republican isn't planning on a re-election...that's fer sure!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    McCain might as well get it over and go to the demoKrats side,and to think way back in the primaries Ialmost backed him instead of Dubya! What a mess we'd be in now!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Guys I don't want to fight on this one but I don't feel we should deny basic medical care to anyone who needs it. If they come to the hospital treat them and then send them back in a state bus. I don't think McCain has much of a brain. Give people basic care if they need it, not because they made it here.

    I mean would anyone say let a man bleed to death bc he is an illegal. If he arrives the doctor's are required to treat as per their oath. But McCain is right on one issue we need to do a better job of keping them out.

    Has there ever been talk of a fence wall etc...? Would it be economical?
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  10. Oh buy the way how do I get a green card with all the medical benefits? Heck I will even pay the bus fare.
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  11. colt45

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    This is scaring me the old fossil and I actually agree on this one.
    We should keep better track of the border. I may not be fore allowing illegals the same rights as citizens but on health care I do.
    no one should be denied health care when needed.
  12. OH, I agree with Phacopsarna....yepper.

    I like how it tells it how he feels.....fer sure.

    My problem with what I have personally seen is that if an illegal comes in after another legal person the method of triage changes and the illegal gets to go first......first because the hospital is guaranteed reimbursement and because the hospitals and staff don't want an 'insensitive' label put on them. Doesn't help when it comes to re-accredidation and receipt of state and federal funds.

    To not treat them would be less than human and humane. But have the proper priorities when assessing triage.

    Anyone who doesn't think hospital emergency rooms don't slow walk the paperwork and treatment of citizens with little or no health insurance sure hasn't been around emergency rooms much. I know of instances where some have been turned away, as it were, by referring them to another hospital emergency room. Granted, some of the problems the patients had were not life threatenting, but that, too, is normal at 2AM in the morning. Many ambulance companies and fire companies will transport for the sake of liability.
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  13. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    The problem I have is the numbers show it costs us $24 Billion a year in federal tax dollars, from what I heard from the bills co-sponsor on the factor last night, to treat these criminals. Now that's $24 Billion that could go into providing seniors with needed medication and medical care. The US citizen should always come first over the illegal.

    One of my many jobs in the past was working for sacramento county health department medical indigent services. I found in one location I worked at lots of illegals would come in, well I had fun I would have them fill out the forms which included employer info and then I would collect the id's - 86% of the time I would get told that the illegal had just purchased them. With that in hand I would proceed to call PRK income tax and the IRS(AKA the KGB)then I would call immigration who would actually drive the 5 miles from their office. When they arrived I let them in through a back entrance and unknown to the illegal who would come to my office and sit down I would then signal the INS guys to come in the door blocking all exits to take the individual away. The nice part was that the illegal commited a felony by presenting a false ID to a gov. official (me). So deportation they would go. Then of course the employer would get a visit from all tax officers to audit and shut down the business.

    We need to lock these borders down and take care of our own people first before taking care of the rest of the world
  14. Stewart

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    I don't have a problem with the basic medical care, even if someone got here illegally I would not advocate letting someone bleed to death, or die from dehydration.

    The one thing I do hope, If it is not already being done is that these charges for medical care are sent back to the Mexican government so that the U.S. taxpayer is not footing the bill.
  15. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    Stewart the problem with this bill is that McCain wants us the tax payer to pay for it -- they are saying we are responsible since we haven't done our job in preventing them from getting here. Thats the problem, they don't want to secure the border because by doing that they will loose the vote's of the illegals who are voting illegally
  16. colt45

    colt45 Guest

    Good luck Stewart,
    If memory serves we just forgave about a trilion $ in loans to mexico what makes you think they would pay a few million.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast


    Don't hold your breath, we won't see a penny of that money from mexico.

    Did they ever pay off that loan Clinton gave them. Last I ever heard about it was that they were ahead of schedule on the loan? That was a few years back.

    Shaun I think it might be more of trying to keep the votes of people who are pro mexican. Those being mostly legal mexican residents of the US who have ties or relation to Mexico. This is like the black population who votes for the most pro black candidate. Their mindset being if they don't pass laws that we want then they are racist or anti-ethnic.
  18. Eric

    Eric Guest

    We'll never see any money we give to Mexico. The way it works, is when the 'next' session is doing the budget and they have 'this much' money to be used in foreign aid, they will write off ($100,000,000) that some country owes us and claim they gave that country $100,000,000 in aid. This allows the current congress to have alot of "extra" money, so that they look good. (Now we can work on that welfare system, don't worry about socuial security. It will always be here.) If it comes back on them, they blame it the administration that gave the money away in the first place. This technique, by the way, has been mastered by the Democrats. Sorry, my two cents, Good Shooting!
  19. Stewart

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    You are all probably right about not getting paid back the money. But that also begs the question, why are we forgiving a trillion dollars in loans since that trillion dollars in loans was funded by the American taxpayer. Did all of us taxpayers agree to forgive the loan and eat it. The way I see it Mexico will being asking the U.S. for loans again in the future, whatever has not been paid back to the Government shouldn't get loaned. The pressure to get our representatives to see this argument is in the hands of the voters.