Mdl 37 Featherweight?

Discussion in 'Ithaca' started by azhobo, Aug 14, 2010.

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    A buddy handed me a Model 37 featherweight, with a shortened barrel, and a homegrown grey/green finish on it. He told me it was mine. Not a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination. It works well, and will be good for home defense when properly loaded.
    My question................. does anyone know if there is an aftermarket extended magazine tube for these guns? Mine is in 12 gage.
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    The Ithaca M37 is a great gun, I really enjoy shooting my fathers. I dont think there is an extended magazine for it, but they do make a HD model.

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    Re: Ithaca 37

    Thanks for the response Alaska43, appreciate it. I had done some looking around before asking, found nothing, but thought maybe others knew of a source. Guess I'll live with what I got. Thanks again.
  4. I've got an M37 Featherweight DS Police Special, 20 inch barrel, cylinder bore, rifle sights. It dates to the early 1970's. I put an ammo butt cuff on it and keep that and the magazine loaded with double aught buck.
    I do not feel undergunned.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Ithaca M37 but I've never seen an extended magazine for one. Sorry.
  6. Here is a M37 Police that I have.. It came from the New Britain, CT PD. I have done a bit of work to it. I lengthened the forcing cone and ported the barrel. She shoots well.
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    Put Ithica M37 mag extension on your search and there is a lot of info.I thought it was imposible because of the way the barrel is latched on but they say that an extended tube is made for them.Also,one on there says he moves the barrel latch ahead and puts two mags togather.Anything is possible if you try.
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    Model 37 Featheweight

    I've got a M37 featherweight that was my granddaddy's and I am wondering the year it possibly could have been manufactured and what it might be worth. I contacted Ithaca and they advised that if I send it to them they will put on a gold trigger and do some modifications that will make it be more valuable. There's no way I will be sending this through the mail. The serial number is 2628. Thanks for your help men.
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    unless you know a decent gunsmith and are willing to pay almost double what the shotgun is worth, you can have have one added. as Samual said, you need to re-braise the magazine nut crane arm back on to the barrel, and lathe up a new magazine, or weld 2 together. 5 shots should be more then you'd need out of any HD shotgun, and the internal plug, or "speed bumps" (depending on the age.....) are easy enough to take out so you can run 4 in the tube.

    I have an featherweight 20 ga uplander that i've been dragging threw muck, marsh, and field since i was a kid. i refinished it 10 years ago and FINALLY had a vented rib added. it's still the smoothest pump i've ever owned, and the only pump i've ever shot back to back 50's with on the grouse ridge 5 stand course. 870 fans be damned, (i'm one to...) but until about 15 years ago, they were still one of the most popular shotguns in military and LE use till Ithica almost folded due to poor management practices!
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    Great shotgun! Enjoy.