Me and my Sig556 battles

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    I have had my Sig556 AR/AK hybrid for several years now. It's a nice rifle for the most part, it is accurate, it is fun to shoot from a rest but like all piston driven rifles its dang heavy up front. But over the years I have never really gotten a comfortable shooting position with this rifle if it for a better term too **** short. It has a three position collapsible M4 style stock in a commercial tube size and not mil-spec. So I got to wondering and then got to looking and couldn't really find what I was wanting, which is a long buffer tube for the stock to mount on. It doesn't have to be too much longer, maybe 2-3 inches. The only problem now is that it is a commercial tube size, so any of you gunsmiths out there know where a guy can get a commercial buffer tube 2-4 inches longer?? Anyway thanks for the help if you know I will keep looking for myself as well, TN Medic
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    If this is the Sig AR15 type of 556 they made (vs the 556 classic swiss military looking rifle)....that morphed into the now Sig 516.

    if it takes and uses AR15 parts and I don't know that it does cause I've never really handled one and they have changed that rifle so many times.

    your best two options might be to swap out the stock with a longer length of pull stock.... like the Magpul ACS which is a little bit longer than a standard carbine stock. and I think you can also get a slighter thicker rubber but pad to screw on the back as well.

    Or get a an entire VLTOR A5 E Mod assembly which will give you another inch or two. But that's going to be expensive at about $230 or so.

    But they have changed the design and come out with so many variations over the past 8 years or so now Im not sure I would take this info and go buy parts before calling Sig and asking them if the parts on your specific gun are compatible with other AR15 parts.
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    My Sig 556 came with a Magpul UBR stock. The dealer had several differently configured rifles at his table and I picked it because the extra weight of the stock helped to balance out the weight of the barrel heavy rifle. It's pretty comfortable to shoot in most any position for me, even standing, I can keep it on target at 100 yards no problem.
    The UBR is a pretty expensive option though. But if you already have a rifle as expensive as the Sig, it's worth a look.
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    Yeah mine is a first gen of the sig ar type rifle. I am looking at the magpul stocks and did look at the vltor a5 stock as well. Most places I have read are telling me I am not holding or shooting it right, supposed to be shooting it nose to charging handle, but I am too old to hunker up over my rifle for that. I want to be comfy shooting, not tacticool. But I will try and get to the gun show then next one they have in Nashville and head to some of the accessory dealers tables and pop one on and see. The closest gun store to me lost my business Wednesday when I was looking for a gun vise to buy to work on my guns and the guy told me to just go to lowes and buy a vise there and get some inserts. Nevermind that I am standing in a gun store, kinda hit me wrong like I wasn't spending money on a gun or their range so they didn't have time for me, but I had bought a new gun in there a week before that... Oh well thanks for the suggestions
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    It really doesn't have anything to do with being "tacticool". The need for getting your nose down against the charging handle is predicated on the basic design of the AR platform and the various sights and optics and mounts engineered to fit them. If you choose not to get in that position then you have issues with such things as getting a proper cheek weld, establishing a proper eye relief for a scope without having the ocular end of the scope blocking access to the charging handle, or stacking a bunch of risers under your scope mount and sights so you can hold your head erect without any semblance of a cheek weld. But then again, my Weatherby Vanguard is the same way. It is engineered for my right cheek to be against the stock and the scope to be as low above the bore as possible. The only difference is the lack of a charging handle basically to put my nose against. And by the way that Vanguard has an almost identical length of pull to all 4 of my AR rifles and carbines. (within about 3/8") And a Mosin Nagant is just a fraction of an inch different as well. And the Marlin Model 60 22LR is also 13-1/2"; and that too is just a fraction of an inch one way or the other to thousands of other firearms. The objective end of the scope on that Marlin 22LR is also just barely above the bore as well, and requires the shooter to put the right cheek against the stock and the nose down there where a charging handle would be if it was an AR style rifle, and someone was going to be "tacticool" enough to use the scope or the iron sights if you took the scope off. I don't think 2 or 3 inches more length of pull on your Sig is going to fix anything.. Just my 2 cents...
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    This information may be exactly why I'm not grouping consistently with the AR. That's good insight, ChaZam. Thank you!

    Looking forward to changing the cheek weld on the next range trip to see how that plays out.
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