Me too!!!!! .222 or .223?

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    ALL - Not everyone in the PRK are STEENKING BASTAGES, but barely a majority are, just enough to foul up the air, and the laws!

    The problem we in the PRK have, is that many of the ULTRALIBERALS are not native Californios, but have come here from elsewhere. I recently read that over 70% of the PRK Politicos are from elsewhere. Now we have to deal with the fact that they brought their favorite Socialist views of the world with them.

    I can't claim that State Senator Don Perata is from elsewhere, but most of his backers are. Many of them have the accents that are typical of Boston and New York City, where I know they too are bedeviled with ULTRALIBERALS!

    Then we are having to deal with the fact that the Republicans sometimes just give lipservice, and are not solid Constitutional supporters. They tend to follow the direction of the wind, and are only a hairbreadth to the right of the far left wing. The whole Republican Party is smack dab in the center of where the Communist party of the 30's and 40's, was, and the Demagogs are further to the left of that. As the Demagogs moved left, the Republicans moved into the space that was left open for them.

    As a result of a lot of Klinton brainwashing, the Asian, Black, and Hispanic voters are a fairly solid ULTRALIBERAL voting block (even the Asian, Black, and Hispanic Gun Owners). OH YES!! I know there are others in the Asian, Black, and Hispanic Gun Owners block that are also supporting our attempts to support the Constitution of the United States of America, and its Amendments, but far too few!

    Voting Libertarian doesn't help, in fact it hurts much the same as when Perot killed any chance that Bush Senior had to get re-elected. I agree more with the Libertarian Philosophy than with the Republicans, but it just gives the Demagogs a bigger majority when you don't support the seemingly Pro-Gun Republican.

    We, in the PRK, did not receive very much visible support from the NRA, when we were dealt the existing gun laws, in fact it seemed that they would turn away from us when they were asked to assist us in defeating the laws. Now that the laws are in place, it is extremely difficult to remove those laws, and they seem to spread to other states, once they gained a foothold here in the PRK. Even trying to get "Ducks Unlimited" to realize they are sooner or later facing the same Anti-Gun problems will get you shouted down in their meetings! They just don't want to hear it!

    This past Primary election, the NRA wanted us to vote for their pro-gun candidate for Governor, but their candidate was not even in the running this year, and the Pro-Gun candidate Simon that we wanted is the Republican nominee. The other Republican running, with the most dollars spent, was a Klinton Klone, and was proud of it!
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    Hi Gyrene,

    That's ok about the post. I enjoyed reading it

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    I'm sorry too, I split the thread now for clarity... the server switch jumbled forums apparently! I guess we all can understand with the entire database downloaded twice, but I still apologize. I'll leave the post here if everyone is ok with that...

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    Jesse - Actually, I think the post properly belongs in the Gun Room, and I don't believe it is really appropriate for: Gun and Game Forums > Hunting Forum > Varmint Hunting > Me too!!!!! .222 or .223?, as the subject is not necessarily about hunting.

    If you choose to leave it here, that is OK with me.

    randydan - Thanks for the vote of confidence.