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    I was looking at the member versus post list and it seems only about 5% of us make 90% of the posts, thats because we are long winded, but I hope we dont intimadate all the other members, I would like the other 95% to make a post or just give us h--el, come on people post up ( not an invite to you other bags of hot air), talk, make a post, ask questions, DONT BE SHY

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    yepper, dive right in there new members, if ya make us mad ya can always talk to Lenny2! Old joke!

  3. Stopper

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    Come on there new fellas - don't mind us we're just looking at ya funny, cause your funny look'n!
  4. yeah we don't want this board to become utterly boring.
  5. Eric

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    Yeah, come on in...then maybe I can stop feeling like the FNG. The more the merrier!
  6. MarkII 22

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    Gess I gota start keeping up whith you OLD wind bags.
  7. Oxford

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    How to inflate your posts real quickly.

    Now take AllanC.(no offense intended) for instance, you could post one number for each year of your birthday and get 40, 50, 60 or more posts real quickly.

    Then you could start naming off the days of a month.

    Next the months of the year, and so on.

    You'll catch on real quickly. That's how I got my posts, too. It's easy to figure out how to beat this system. (ha)
  8. Hud

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    Keep on posting. We enjoy what you guys are chatting about
    even if we don't always chip in. Some are just not the social butterflies others of ya are. And some like me are keyboard challenged. Typing out a post this long wears my fingers out.

  9. Shaun

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    we definitely need to have a new guy or gal in here once in a while to spice things up and get our blood flowing.
  10. Thanks Oxford I can always depend on you for moral support. Oh by the way ALAN C. Small caps--I don't want to stand out. alan c.
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  11. Stewart

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    Yeah, just look at how much excitment Lenny added when he came on board. Does good to keep things juiced up every once and a while.
  12. Oxford

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    Yes, I like the new Lenny2, also. However, you've got to admit the original Lenny created more emotional reply's with his comments.
  13. Speaking of Lenny 1 2 or 3--where you been.
  14. You know Oxford you are correct. Maybe I should back off and let new members post.
  15. PAPA G

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    apparently the new kids are intimidated by the veterans of the bunch since we make the most of the post. but come on young blood lets hear what you have to say, about anything on your minds. do not be frightened by those wind-bag know-it-alls. they have been around so long that they have forgotten what its like to be young and dumb. their like tigers in a zoo, lot of growling but can't do anything because the bars( in this case the net) will not allow physical contact; so you'll be safe from any attacks upon your person. they have a tendency to wander off in surreal ideas of past glories, that probably was picked up somewhere in a comic book. but once you over come the bonds of shyness, before long you to will be a veteran of G&G. it doesn't hurt a bit to do this. most of us would rather hear about your first .22 instead about some senior citizen's .600 nitro express holland and holland thats been in the family since great-great-great grandfather was an ivory hunter in africa. it is you the next generation that will one day carry the torch as we fall by the way side, no longer able to keep the pace. so join in and roast a few weenies, and never mind the windbags!!!:p :D
  16. Excuse me if I am different-- first off don't call us a wind bag. I was shooting firearms way before 14. My son was shooting firearms way before 14. As far as veterans--you have to earn that right. If my opinion is not wanted-- say so now. And it's a done deal. Good luck son because you are going to need it.
  17. I am sorry if I am the sour puss--But oh well.
  18. PAPA G

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    sssshhheeezzzzeee!!! try to inject a little humor, and what happens, i'm shot down right out of the starting gate!!!! since i lingered on from "the original" G&G boards i think that entiles me to senior/elder member. i too have been doing it awhile (55years old). so sorry if i ruffled anyones feathers out of respect for AlanC. i shall make any further attempts at humor minimal!!!!!!:confused: