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  1. Seabeescotty

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    I checked the mail today, and received something to hang on the wall. First, a photo taken of a young soldier and his dog, taking a break from the rigors of war.
    Second, a message that the young man and his dog had given the highest price, keeping their comrades, and this nation, safe from those who would harm us.
    CGO and I found two frames, and worked at getting these gifts in the right place. Afterward, I sat by myself, and thought about this pair of heroes, and the other heroes I had known, and let the tears flow for those who gave all.
    Some people worship athletes, and others worship, or idolize those who have gotten sinfully rich. Those folks can't hold a candle to my heroes, the very people who gave their lives, so the protected can do as they please.
    I pray that everyone, for just a moment, takes time from their busy holiday schedule, to remember, and thank those heroes who give us the freedom to be AMERICA.
    If possible, I'll add some photos that CGO took of the additions.

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  2. TXplt

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    Thank you Seabeescotty

    Let's all take a moment over the weekend to say a prayer and remember our breathern who didn't make it back.

  3. Midas

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    God Bless them all Scotty! they ARE real heroes
  4. Marine1

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    Outstanding! Dog-faces, leather-necks, sailors, fly-boys..veterans...all.... Bless 'em all....bless 'em....."all"!
  5. CalifgirlinOk

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    Someone was so kind enough to send this to us and we are so very proud to hang it up on the wall of the shop.I stared at the picture of the soldier and his dog and I wonder what was he thinking about sitting there in the shade.Was he thinking of his home and all of his loved ones that he missed.It made me stop and realized how blessed we are to be here with our loved ones.I will always look at the picture of this soldier when I enter the shop to remind myself feedom is not free.There is a price for our freedom!!!!
  6. I have tried to post a comment three times and got too misty. That looks great. This is a special time of year for me. Thank all of you so much for what you did for us. God bless you all. Lest we forget.
  7. Thanks for hanging the picts I'm always happy to see the brotherhood is alive and well..... If I may add a short story to yours. I work in a Pawn shop in Anchorage Alaska just outside of Elmendorf airforce base and the army's Fort Richardson. A little over a year ago A young soldier came in looking for a fobus holster to fit his Baby Eagle pistol (45) that he would carry in his down time while on duty in Iraq. We didn't have what he wanted in the store. But I had the exact model on my personal carry rig in my truck. I took the young soldier outside and handed him my rig , he offered to pay and I told him it was just a loaner and he was honor bound to stay alive and bring it back. He gave me the best eye to eye handshake of my life took the holster and went on his way. well just a couple of weeks ago That young Warrior walked into my shop and delivered my holster with a big grin and a thanks, I'm not sure if it was of any important use to this soldier but It made me feel good thinking that I may have helped bring one home alive..
  8. CalifgirlinOk

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    privateer you helped that young man more than you know and I want to thank you sir..!!!!
  9. Windwalker

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    John, I also want to thank you and I believe your contribution helped that soldier make it through. May God bless you both.
  10. Seabeescotty

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    John, if we had the place for all the stories, we'd keep folks busy reading! By the way, you have a twin in California! He's a former Seal warrant officer. You two could be perfect twins, and I'll try to find a picture to post. But good on you, my friend, for loaning that young man your holster. It gave him that added responsibility of getting loaned property back to it's owner. You have a good, safe Memorial Day, and if you're ever in Ok., come by and see us. Brother Bob just called, and informed us that he'll be here next friday. He couldn't get out for the cookout, but he's checking on the folks, and is dropping by on his way home. We're gonna unlimber some hardware for the visit, to say the least. All my fellow veterans, God bless, and take care over the weekend, and all you members, be safe, and we love ya'll!
  11. Earl Easter

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    Thanks for the picture post Robert,
    I think that picture could win awards and it also brings back memories.

    Your generosity is an unselfish gesture and a manly action of integrity. Thank You also
    for the story.......
  12. I gave my brother a Gerber Multi-Tool before he left for Iraq with the same conditions. It came back to me looking like it was set on top of an IED right before detonation. When I looked at it like "WTF??" my brother told me that everybody in his unit used it for everything from "fixing" a Mk 19 Grenade launcher to entering in houses (prying locks silently). It is pretty worthless in the condition in which it returned, but is obviously one of my favorite knives. I gladly bought myself a new one.
  13. SwedeSteve

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    Great stories! I am so glad that there are still so many that love our Nation as much as I.
  14. Seabeescotty

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    It always makes me feel better, to hear these stories. Thanks, everybody. Earl, it kept my eyes leaking, getting that picture hung on the wall. CGO wasn't too dry, either. It brings the realization to one's heart, that life is fragile and fleeting. Have a good Memorial Day, and God bless all!
  15. Thanks for the kind words everybody, Silent shooter's story is wonderful thats the kind of brotherly love and support all of us in America should read about in the news. on days like this I feel a real bond with all of you.. bless you all
  16. Seabeescotty

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    It's a bond that will never break, Privateer!! When each of my sons came home, I was suddenly glad that I'd been there, and done that. It helped them a good bit, to have someone to talk to, who knew what they were saying. When I think about it, I hate that they have to deal with that chit! But they did so, and did it with honor!
  17. Lwilliams

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    Very excellent ... there is never a time when I don't take a moment to remember & thank. Cheers ... Linda ... crystal awards have become a popular choice for recognition