Memorial Day

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    For one day, let us cast aside our differences, and come together under one common banner, let us remember those who have fallen, let us remember those who have served, and let us remember those who are currently serving abroad. We thank you for all that you have given this country, God Bless the United States Armed Forces!!!!...........And I just have one request for you all, in between the barbecues and family get togethers, on Monday, thank a soldier for what he/she has done for you
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    Great Memorial post, Midas! I for one veteran, sincerely thank you for your thoughts and how you worded this post.

    If I might add? If you have time, folks and if there is a VA Hospital near you.... take an hour, or so...and thank the shut-in's and out-patient veterans, for their service. It would mean a great deal to them....they deserve the same honorable tribute as POW's and MIA's..."You Are Not Forgotton".

    The wife is a D-J...we are volunteers at one of the VA Hospitals. We set up our equipment and play music from 1942 - date, from our 20,000 song titles musical library for them. They love it!

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    Thank you, Midas, for being so thoughtful. and thank you, Marine1, for bringing happiness to our comrades in the hospital. I will be at the local cemetery, to pay my respects to the many who rest there, and their loved ones. They always have a special get together there. Memorial Day barbeques have become a thing of past, for me, as I prefer to spend the day with quiet, and personal thoughts. God bless.
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    One custom that has been forgotten is that at 3PM Local time on Monday, you should observe a moment of silence, or say a prayer for our Fallen Heroes.
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    Yes, I didn't think to mention that, as it's part of the ceremony at the cemetery. Thanks for the reminder!
  6. billy

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    i am not a vet.
    memorial and veterans days are the only two days of the year that can make me cry.
    thank you.

    p.s. i always go to the services.
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    Midas: Sir; "Chaps" and I have said and enjoyed moments with years gone by.:) My todays "chaps" [Monteryards] mustn't be forgotten either, without this help many of us couldn't "Celebrate" the LIFE of our comrades lost.:)

    Sk'int, bleeding, nose running, eyes watering, sweat running, bugs biting, dragging assed, knowing the moments, we too are amongst the friends, who compassionately
    Celebrate Soldiers.

    Midas: Sir, Thanks
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    Thank you, Midas. God Bless you all.
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    Thanks Midas, I only wish there were more like you
  10. Thanks for posting that Midas! I will do!