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Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by shootin, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. shootin

    shootin G&G Addict

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all G&G family members. Thank you all for being the friendliest gun web site on the WWW and thanks for all the help you have given me over the years!
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  2. Jaison

    Jaison Here comes the boom! Forum Contributor

    Merry Christmas, shootin!
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  3. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    shootin: Sir, We rejoice the season; celebrating our brothers and sisters
    Merry Christmas:)
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  4. Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and now have a GREAT NEW YEAR !...................
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  5. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory Forum Contributor

    Merry Christmas back at you!
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