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  1. jason1965

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    I'll be going out to do some metal detecting/treasure hunting with my son in a few weeks.We plan on going to the ocean beaches in my state.
    I have not done a lot of this kind of thing and was hoping to get some advice from others on here that get into this hobbies.
    I have a Garret metal detector,and some small digging tools.
    Any suggestions on beach combing?
    Jason m
  2. jmh119

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    I have found a colander to be helpful. quickly lets you sift the sand and reveal the resulting "treasure"!

  3. Mooseman684

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    Proper Tuning and a good set of earphones is a Must for good subsurface finds...If you are running more than one detector at a time, they must be kept way apart from each other...other than that , take your time and do thorough coverage.Plastic collander is a great Idea !
  4. Well you need
    - a small sturdy rake
    - diggy things
    -shady hat
    - stuff to talk about with the person you're with

    If you know the area and can get there before the crowds do, then do so! It makes so many things so much easier. It's important because you can take your time scanning the areas where the most people would normally set up first which is where you'll find the most stuff. Havn't really heard of or found much find stuff near the water but its much easier and faster to search there and you'll be surpised at the things you do find.

    Common sense is to break the area up in sections in your mind and cover them one at a time instead of just giving in to wandering. Have a steady sweep with your arm and fill in your holes and you'll be fine. I wish you and your son the best of luck, bring back something shiny!
  5. PAPA G

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    i hope detector is water proof...shet happens ya know. i tried it in the 70's.

    gum wrappers and pop top can tab's were my reward.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    Start where you would imagine that people lay their towels.
  7. Tha Dave

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    I have found lots of coins and even a really nice Buck pocket knife sweeping parks and play grounds. Beach sweeps are best right after crowds are cleared out on like the 4th of July or over Spring break, but either way expect to find a lot of beer caps, soda tabs, old nails and wire, but most importantly since you will be sweeping with your son expect to have fun. Metal detecting is something that I really enjoy doing and even got the chance to teach some what I thought were just local kids how to do it a few weeks ago it turned out that they were all orphans. They are really enjoyed finding stuff on the beach even if it was just trash. I am thinking about donating one to the orphanage this Christmas if I can afford one. Kinda dorky I know but they had a blast with it.
  8. samuel

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    ^No advice but best wishes on your endeavor.I did learn that you can't claim coins that are still in someone elses pocket.(makes no difference if they are standlng or lying down.)
  9. chesterwin

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    You might want to make a long handled "scoop" with a built in sifter to keep from having to stoop to sift...