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Mexican gov't slams the US over gun laws

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by troylaplante, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. troylaplante

    troylaplante G&G Newbie

    Here is the full article

  2. bigandrich44

    bigandrich44 G&G Newbie

    LOL!!! There are mexican arm bazaars in almost every city. They can buy an AK-47, fully automatic, for less that $20. We have to pay over $1200 for full auto capabilities!
  3. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    Well He(( they kill'in Americans with there drugs !!!
  4. Death Metal

    Death Metal G&G Newbie

    might wanna tack on another zero to that $1200 figure.... :(
  5. cubbieman

    cubbieman G&G Newbie

    full autos are not worth the money, uness you already have all the guns you really want

    i saw some for 8k on vector

    but anywho brb im goin to mexico lol
  6. TexasT

    TexasT Devil's Advocate >:) Forum Contributor Forum Contributor

    Haha! Funny but true.
  7. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    We should just tell Mexico if they'll quit letting the illegals cross our border we'll start making the Mexican gun runners actually quit buying guns here.
  8. bigandrich44

    bigandrich44 G&G Newbie

    ^^^ I agree.
  9. Casull

    Casull G&G Newbie

    ROFLMAO And, the rest of you guys bought right into that. :34:
  10. troy2000

    troy2000 Suspended

    What makes it even funnier is that Mexico has some of the strongest gun-control laws in the world, and they're knee-deep in weapons.

    we should tell them, "hey. We're just supplying the market. If your people didn't want them, we'd be out of business." You know, tell them the same thing they tell us about their drug smuggling...
  11. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    Sir, I couldn't agree more
  12. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Aside from that I always thought Mexico was just a suburb of Tejas anyhows, or shoulda been. Wish Houston had just kept headin south.
  13. troy2000

    troy2000 Suspended

    I think he had his hands full just trying to keep up with what the Texans were up to, Earl. Keeping track of several million Mexicans on top of that would've sent him into an earlier grave.
  14. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Maybe so Troy, but they was a whole lotta Tejanos and Mexicans that were fighting Santa Ana right along side the Texicans as well as out of Texas volunteers!
  15. troy2000

    troy2000 Suspended

    I always wondered how a guy who was so talented at making people hate him managed to wind up in charge of Mexico, and more than once at that. I'm talking about Santa Ana, of course.
  16. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Well basic reason is he was a lil Hitler afore Hitler was Hitler, he seized property suspended the rights of most of his subjects and in his eyes that was what they were and genrally abused his position and was and is considered by many as a model despot.
  17. troy2000

    troy2000 Suspended

    So how the heck did he ever manage to get power to begin with?

    I can understand Hitler, given the times and the conditions in Germany. But it seems like Santa Ana just kept appointing himself in charge, and people let him get away with it for some reason.

    Where and what was his power base?
  18. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    That I have to dig deeper and since I am a bit rusty on my history about what led up to his rise (Hey I am 50 okay I need refreshers now and then) but basically the country then as now was in turmoil and rife with corruption he was simply the most corrupt and devious of the bunch
  19. .22guy

    .22guy G&G Enthusiast

    And Mexico is qualified to give us advice because......? Idiots.
  20. Lng Rng

    Lng Rng G&G Newbie

    First off, Mexico has no business meddling with our gun control laws, period.

    Secondly, how would anybody in Mexico know what it is like to purchase a gun here, because they more than likley never have.

    Third, he said it was easy for Citizens to buy guns, and I am guessing it isn't American citizens going down to Mexico doing the shootings.

    And last, if they can't stop PEOPLE from crossing the border illegally, how do they think they are going to stop guns from doing the same thing? Idiots.
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