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  1. Jesse

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    Anyone ever hunted in Mexico on a planned hunt?

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    haven't hunted in mexico but i lived in tucson for 7 years. beautiful country i have read articles where there is some pretty good hunting (dove & some waterfowl)

    we have branches in mexico, i guess the locals take the big shots from the plants hunting all of the time. must be good to be the king!

    if i can try to answer technical questions, (how to get guns in or out, tavel etc.) i can try to help.

  3. Jesse

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    Mexico hunt

    :cool: I've been on two hunts in Mexico... hunted dove, jackrabbits and quail. I went with my father and we booked the trip through a hunting agency. You have to have your permits in line and they check EVERY serial # at the border... the checkpoints on the highways are run by Federales. They are always going to stop you and expect.. as a rule a bribe. You'd better pay it too because you can easily have your shotgun or "escopeta" siezed. Besides that the hunting is incredible. The native Mexicans really are great guides. Rattlesnakes are a problem. Lots of dogs get bit. I folded an indigo snake by mistake when the guide yelled "snake! Shoot it Shoot it Shoot it!" I didn't hesitate nor look for a rattle. The snake was non-poisonous and 7 ft. long. I look back in regret some times... because they are really good snakes, they actually eat rattlesnakes. It just as easily could have been a rattlesnake. My Father has killed many rattlers over the years.

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    Three times hunting in the state of Tampalapas. Beautiful. A lot of red tape and hoops to jump through. Then they elect some gal back in the mid 80's to run the Dept. and she like doubled all of the fees. Haven't been back since. How about someone else been since?

    Have found a cool place up until recently for big fishing down there. Cabo San Lucas. Been down three different times and have caught a blue marlin there.

    Neat country, but the dirty gringos have screwed it all up. Costa Rica is the next place to go to.