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Discussion in 'Savage' started by alan c., May 29, 2002.

  1. Do any of you fine gentleman listen to Michael Savage-- radio station in Houston 950 kprc. He is brodcasted from coast to coast.
    Just curios.
  2. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    No, I do not listen to Savage Nation.

  3. Logansdad

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    I like Neal Boortz & G.Gordon Liddy.
  4. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I used too until they canceled here and replaced with hannities show -- I prefer the local and Liddy, Ramsey -financial peace
  5. Klaus: I sense a little criticism in your typing.
  6. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    No, I am not criticizing you or Savage. I really am not very familiar with his show. I have heard some bits and pieces while channel surfing the radio on the way home when I work late. That is how I know the name.
  7. GoGop

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    Nope, but I listen to Rush Limbaugh. :)
  8. wes

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  9. Klaus

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    I occasionally listen to Rush, but not often. I used to be a big fan, but he has said many stupid things in the past, and the Elian Gonzalez thing went WAY too far. In general, I agreed with his political views, but many times he would comment on science or technology and not have any clue about what he is talking about. The "clipper chip" was a perfect example. He spent two weeks talking about it, and he did not know what it was, why some people wanted it, why it would not work, or the legal implications. Several people gently tried to correct some of his misinformation, but he was oblivious. But on the Gonzalez thing, he spent over a week insulting the MAJORITY of his listeners, including me, calling them commies, derelict fathers, Castro lovers, and said we should move to Cuba, because we believed in following existing laws.