Mid-east "Crisis"

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Rave

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    How come with all the news crackling about Isreal and Palestine,and others there has not been one peep on this forum?
    Is it that no one here is interested,or that no one here has anything to say?
    Wether we know it or not,this will effect us a lot more than who wins the next basketball or base ball game!
    It might even effect the price of gas and BEER!Hope I got someone's attention with that!
  2. Shaun

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    I personally couldn't care what happems to isreal and it doesn't interest me -- I am more interested in my gun collection and an up coming hunt-- just my 2 cents worth

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    Look into to CNN everyday to monitor the situation over there and Afgahnistan. So what ya wanna talk about. I"m here and they are there and what ever deal they cut, what can I do about it?

    Don't get me wrong, I do care. It's just that if they do agree on a peace . What I have to say about it, mine's well be a hill of beans.
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    All freedom loving Americans should be concerned about what is happening in the world. WHY? Because the way things are now, somebodys son, daughter, father, mother,brother ,sister, could very well be put in harms way. If we set back and have the mind set that these things don't concern us, then our nation will die of apathy. Sure there are not many things that we can do, but I will tell you one thing we can do, and that is pray for all the ones that wear the uniform of the United States. By a proud father of a U.S.MARINE.
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    Rocks vs Rifles...sound fair to me

    I watch the developments only because I dont trust our Goverment not to send troops over their to be peace keepers like they did to me and my unit in 1983. I find it intresting that the Palastinians keep throwing rocks at troops armed with firearms...that to me is a silly move...especialy when 10 min later they show everyone waveing AK 47s..... course if we ever get someone back in the white house like Reno or Clinton....we may all be talking about our rock collection and the marritts of solid rocks vs hollow ones.
  6. Armorer

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    Been going on for 1000s of years, will be going on till the end of time!
  7. Oxford

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    Personally, I think the motive for many of the middle eastern battles we (Americans) fight are because of the threat of losing access to lots of oil.

    A lot of the USA industries are so dependent upon oil that they keep influencing our governmental leaders to protect their foreign oil interests. Otherwise, why is it our business what happens in internal affairs of a lot of middle eastern countries.

    Lots of politicians would be out of work without the soft money paid out for their political campaigns. As a result a lot of money is at stake for them, too.

    These "oil interests" wars are most likely not going to be settled in any of our lifetimes.

    I also understand the historical nature of these wars, too. There's nothing logical that we can do about those differences that I can that I can think of. I would guess that as a result of "religious" wars, more people have been killed than by wars for any other reason.

    Sorry for taking so long to say what's on my mind.
    Of course, these are just my humble opinions.

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  8. Rave

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    Like the man said,this has been going on a long time.I think both sides will not quit until the other is gone!
    The arabs have the oil,the Isralies have our money and weapons,it looks like a no winner to me.
    I have been wondering if we are doing the right thing or if we are sticking our nose where it really doesn't belong,as usual.
    I don't know if this means much or how much stock one can put into what one sees on the web,but I got a suggestion to key in the word talmud on the AOL.
    I did and after looking at it for a while I began to wonder if it were true and if it were we might be heading for a fall of our own making.
    Check it out and tell what you think.Hopefully there are some out there that really are qualified and will speak the truth. I really would like to know if this talmud business is true and if so what is going on?
    Why are we doing what we are doing and are we doing the right thing for this country in the long run?

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  10. taras

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    Where are all the Canadians on the roll call? Ya wanna talk about throwing rocks than what about us going over as "peace keepers" then having a whole branch of the millitary disbanded (airborne) because they actually killed some-one during a war?
    We are generally un-armed but in the same place as other allied troops. These brave men and woman deserve our respect and gratitude as all veterans do. We are now armed in Afghanistan, and together we'll get the bugger and show all terrorists no-one messes with us or our friends and neighbors.
  11. wes

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    Thanks Taras, the Canadian people have my respect. I've always enjoyed going to Canada.
  12. Gyrene

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    As has been stated before, the fighting has been going on for thousands of years. The Palistinians used to be called the Philistines (I think that is correct), and have never been content even when there were only Arabs around them. In 1958, I was alerted with most of the U. S. M. C. to prepare for travel to Lebanon (Yes, we got involved then, too!). My unit never went, but a Lieutenant friend of mine did go, and his unit was the one that had the only Marine killed, in that expedition.

    I have friends (I think) that are Palistinian, and to see them, they can disappear into a crowd of Scandinavians and you could never pick them out. What they have told me is that until everybody becomes Muslim, they will continue attacking all infidels. That implies that it is them or us, and no in between!

    That is strange, because they seem to attack each other almost as often as they attack others. One of my friends (I think) had his brother come here a year or so ago (before 9/11), and they hugged and kissed for about 15 minutes, then without warning started beating each other, picking up anything they could lift and throw. The police were called by a neighbor, because the battle went outside, and both of them went to jail for the night. The police did figure out that they had better be put into separate cells, and not adjacent to each other. I never heard what it was about, but a Palistinian friend of theirs said that is very common, and they might have killed each other if it hadn't been stopped.

    It is very hard to believe that the Muslims, Hebrew, and Christians all come from the House of Abraham, but that is a fact! It is true more people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other reason (maybe that for all other reasons)!

    I don't understand it, and likely never will!
  13. Klaus

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    Yes, the Palestinians are the Philistines. And they DO have a homeland; it is called Jordan. And all the muslims claiming these attacks on the US and Europe are part of a religious war are totally full of bovine droppings. They are perverting the Koran just as the conquistadors and inquisitors perverted the Bible to justify murder. Chapter 2 (The Cow) clearly warns against people twisting the Koran's scripture to justify their actions. I guess many "moslems" never get that far in the book. Moslems are also supposed to peacefully coexist with the other "people of the scripture", which means Jews and Christians. The are not to coerce anyone into becoming moslems. This is why many people in the media babble about Islam being a religion that promotes peace. The truth, of course, has been quite different. Islam has been spread PRIMARILY by subjugating populations and forcing them to convert to Islam. Once an Islamic group gets control of a government, they ALWAYS outlaw all other religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. For a great example of Moslem tolerance, just look at the history of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Its our problem

    We were attacked on 911 because of our stance with Israel, and the violence in Israel has gotten worse. Israel is being taunted. When (not if) Israel finally gets tired of it and begins to eliminate this threat with extreme prejudice the Arab world will unite and the sh** will hit the fan. We will be involved in ww3. These leaders know this and this is what they are trying to do.

    Remember we aren't the one's raising our children to hate them from the time they can walk. I fear what the future may hold for it will only get worse before it gets any better.
  15. a lot of you guys are right on. this fued has been going on since issac and ishmael. the promised land was given to issac by god and the other lands around it to ishmael. in essence they were both blessed. brother against brother to this day. the palestinians
    are not interested in land for peace they want the total destruction of the jewish people. arafat was offered half of jeruselam for a palestinian state--that wasn't good enough...
    god will protect isreal and desroy it's enemy. god help us if the usa ever decides not to stand with isreal. nothing can change the middle east problem, god's hour glass is running. the only thing we can do is pray for peace in isreal. those of you who don't care
    you should. what goes down in the middle east will affect the entire globe. thanks and god bless.
  16. Klaus

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    Well armorer, like your own post clearly showed, "THEY" started every incident you mentioned, therefore, I do not understand why you said it was a wrong answer. And we did NOT "set up the Telebon" or even the Taliban, like you claim. Also please edit your post to correct all the misspelled words and typographical errors.
  17. Doglips

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    Ok Ill go out on a limb with my bad spelling self. If one reads history, we (the US) has been consistently messed over by "people" we have helped out. Like Afganastan we supplied arms and $ to help them defeat the USSR...only to get it in the back...We helped China in WWII (AKA the Flying Tigers) and they sure helped us out in Korea and Veitnam...the list goes on and on. Arafat was rescured by the US Marines in 1982...peace keeping forces sent in until 1984...(I served with BLT 1/8 who got blown up)....Arafat was quoated as being very happy the MArine Barriacks got blown up (10/23/83)....after we "rescued him and the PLO. I will not even mention the $$ in terms of loans and "aid" we have given so many countries.
    TO ME and I only Speak for ME, we need to do a few things. 1. Quit giveing aid and $$ out until we get our own countries finances in order. 2. Come up with an alternative to oil....you cant tell me all these brains at all these labs can come up with a subsatute for oil....because without oil the only thing the middle east is good for is exporting sand and camles...and how many camles do we need...by the way they inport sand...for water filtration for some strange reason. 3. Quit useing our armed forces as police force....war should be all or nothing....not this politicaly correct nice nice war. and Finaly...IF and I mean IF we give some country $$ or aid and they so much as fail to salute the US flag then all funding stops right then....why do we loan $$ to people who talk trash about us...thats flat out stupid!
    As for the isreal PLO thing we need to keep the hell out of there....I watched the Isrealies fight and they can hold their own just fine...I say we tell themto solve their own problem and if Lebnon becomes a subarb of Jurslem then oh well to the victor go the spoiles.
    Ok you'll can have the soap box back.
  18. Rave

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    I'm still wondering about the Talmud.It,if it is real,appears to be a jewish religious law book similar to the Koran.
    It is on the internet under talmud.
    Check it out and if someone has the inside dope let us know.
    According to the article it is supposed to be a secret kept from "heathens" such as anyone who is not Jewish!
    It sounds so far out that I can't believe it is true!
    I certainly hope it is just a crock!
    I have heard several persons mention it in passing but paid no attention until someone suggested I look it up on the net.Of course you can't believe everything you see on the net anymore than you can read in the paper or see on TV!
  19. Doglips

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    Since Im sorta Jewish...long long story.... In any case the Talmud is not kept secret from anyone..heathen or not :). The Talmud is a collection of ruleling on the laws of Judism....Ok read the OLD testament (the first 5 books make up the Tora)...any were it says thou should, should not, must, it would be a good idea ect is considered a LAW. Lets take something simple like Thou shall not work on the sabath...pretty stright forward...ok what the definition of work?....welp these scollars/rabbies got togher and said work is x, y, z. So if you look it up in the Talmud in the center of the page you would find the discription of what you can / can not do on the Sabbath. Then some one asked...ok Im a DR. and Jim is dieing on the Sabath....is it better in terms of keeping God happy...to let him die and not work or to work and save his life....well on the out side area..souranding the center portion of the page.. Kinda like a Squar area surranding a smaller squar area..thest scolers wrote the decisions of when one could make exceptions or not to what decided in the center section was what God wanted. Kinda like congress passes a law, the state court rules that it means X then the surpream court rules that it means X but als Y.... The whole collection is about the size of one of those enclylapedia sets they use to sell...and each book is huge. The reason most people dont read, know about, or even care about the Talmud is that under the "New Covenant" with Jesus the old laws did not matter only the new laws/testament. Kinda like after the Revalution the English Laws did not apply to the US people. Now the Muslams belive that Mohamad got the Latest word from God....they reconize a leniage of Mosses then Jesus and now Mohamd....Like refinanceing your home they belive they have the newist contract with God and the rest of us cant seem to understand it....We will skip the lecture on Hinduism and Budthism..
    Oh my Background....Raised Catholic..was a lay leader...but Maternal Grand mother was Jewish and we lost family in the Holocost/poland...I became a Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Budthist with Hindue leanings...in short I r someone who read/studyed too much to make a decision.
  20. PAPA G

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    so the battles been going on for years and years. i beleive that the jews and the palestinians should go all out and beat up on each other full force and who ever is left is the clear winner, but i don't beleive the israeli people have the stomach any more for such action like they did in the fiftys and sixties. the current crop has it to easy compared to their forefathers and forgot the lessons(like we have)