Mighty Chief Bowels

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    A great leader of the Navajo peoples Cheif Bowels sat proudly in his tee pee on top of a mesa overlooking the rich and fertile lands when two army officers walked in and handed him a message from DC. It stated that the cheif and his people must move to a reservation so that the white man city nearby could continue to grow and prosper. The cheif told the two men that he would speak to the tribes elders in one week and let them know. The two men left and told him to come to their HQ in the nearby town when he had an answer.

    Of course the chief did meet with the elders and it was decided that the tribe would not move. So Chief Bowels goes to the city to tell the officers of his choice. Instead of going to the Army office the chief walks into the Doctor's office across the street.

    May I help you the doctor asks? The chief proudly states" Bowels No Move!"

    No problem said the doctor; he returns with a cup and asks the chief to drink. He then tells the chief to come back tomorrow.

    The chief returns the next day and the the doctor askshow he is doing. The chief answers "BOWELS NO MOVE!"
    The doctor says I see and returns with a larger glass. He tells the chief to drink and return the next day.

    Again the chief returns and explains that Bowels will not move. The doctor is stumped and gives him a pint of the elixer and asks him to return tomorrow.

    The chief returns the next day with his head lowered. The doctor agains asks if that did it. The mighty humble chief replies:

    Bowels Move tee pee full of Crap!!!!!!

  2. My wife smiled, lol.