Mikes (A.H.) obituary

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    Found this today and thought ya'll might want to see it and maybe leave a msg. on the funeral homes page.

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    Signed the guestbook. Thanks for the link !!
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    Just signed the guest book. Thanks, for the links.
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    Thanks Moose, I just signed the links. Mike will be missed.
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    Thanks for the links. Gonna sign the guest book now.

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    I signed the guest book, but his is in the Great Book of Life in heaven.
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    Thanks for the links. Will sign the guestbook now.
  10. Thanks for the link. We'll keep you in our memories, Mike.
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    Thanks for the link, Rich...
  12. +1, Arkansas Hunter was only 56 years old....
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    Thanx,just signed it now.
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    Thanks for the link. I left my condolences to the family. Thank you to the other members that have and will show their respect to AH's loved ones.
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    I can read the guest book but it won't let me sigh it. I have AOL so I tried fire fox and got "error" Could someone help please?
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    thanks moose, i know that Mike will be missed here on G&G
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    Thanks for the link I have also signed the online guestbook
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    In Memory of Mike West

    Click this link. You should see a sentence that says sign guest book. Hover your mouse over the "guest" to center your cursor in that link and click. It should take you to the site where you can sign the book. The hard part is that darn security code wheel. That's the 4 spinning wheels on the bottom. It will pause on a letter or number then start spinning again. Remember the letter or number and put it in the box directly below. the wheel. Hope this helps.
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    I just noticed that on the obit site there is a place where you can send a card. The way I understand it, you pick the card, write a note and they mail a card to the residence on file. This is not one of those internet e-cards but a real card.