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Mil-Surp Ammo drying up?

Discussion in 'SKS' started by moatengator, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. I have noticed that the 3 ammo dealers I order from normally from are all of a sudden out of MIL-SURP 7.62x39. Most commercial WOLF is gong too. MIL-SURP food for Mosins is drying up too. Will there be a new import ban or is this just everybody panic-buying? What do you all think?

    I did earlier today order 2k for the SKS and another 880 for the Mosin's from another dealer for a bit more due the shipping. I figured better safe than sorry.

    EDIT: I NOW see there is a tread addressing this in the powder keg. I did not see it earlier and did look, not well enough it seems. MODS: Feel free to more or delete this. THANKS & sorry I am just getting old
  2. Jay

    Jay Old man, No tact... Staff Member

  3. I've read that there are ship loads of ammo headed here to the US,these ammo companies are prepared for trouble across the globe and get their ammo from more than one country.We are our own worst enemies,we panic and drive the prices,demand up.Just my 0.02$ GOD BLESS THE REPUBLIC AND HER WARRIORS.
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  4. Where I live in N.E. KS 7.62X39 is still pretty common to find, I'm fortunate to have a Cabela's less than an hour away and they always have a LOT of ammo for my SKS, anymore it seems that the only ammo I need that is in short supply is still .22lr and .380 auto for my Fiance's Walther.
  5. variolamajor

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    I would just keep in mind that the key word here is *imported* ammo. For those who follow the ammo situation closely you will know that ammo availability of imported ammo fluctuates. Before it can be released for sale it must first pass customs inspection. This can take weeks or longer to happen. As such - when a shipment clears and hit the distribution network ammo is plentiful. Once it's bought up - then you must wait for more to go thru channels. I think it's a little "early" for folks to cry shortage because even if Russia stopped exporting as a result of the Ukraine situation - that would not impact ammo already here or enroute. :cool:
  6. Paper

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  7. jimboa

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    7.62x39 |

    SGAmmo just listed a whole page of x-39. Most 7.62x39 is new production The last 7.62x39 surplus I remember is the 1260 round green crates of Yugo. Sportsman Guide also has a good stock of 7.62x39.
  8. shanebrews

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    Also remember nearly every former Soviet bloc country still loads most of these calibers. There are more sources than Russia and Ukraine.
  9. TACAV

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    Just got my case of 5.45 in today and the web site I ordered it from still has plenty in stock.
  10. gandog56

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    I stopped looking after finding 40 sources of available in stock surplus 7.62X54R without even really trying.
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  11. fteter

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    Any shortages are being caused by rumors and panic buying. Several bloggers have hinted that the milsurp stuff may be in short supply if either Russia or the US throws trade restrictions into the mix with the Ukrainian situation. Those bloggers apparently have enough influence that people started buying the stuff up...with no indicators from either the US or Russia to justify the panic.

    My dad was right: "son, it's a big world...plenty of room for plenty of stupidity. No need for you to add to it."
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  12. shanebrews

    shanebrews G&G Evangelist

    I went to Bass Pro Shop the other day and they had a whole shelf piled high with Tulammo. Walmart always has it too. 5 box limit though.
  13. fteter

    fteter G&G Addict

    7.62x39: easy to find, prices holding steady. 7.62x54r: also easy to find, but the prices have jumped up a bit.
  14. SKS NOOB

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    Is that 7.62x39 brass or steel case? If it's brass, it might as well be gold plated. Steel is everywhere because ya can't reload it without risk. So I was told.
  15. gandog56

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    I've reloaded steel, but didn't think much of them. I'm sticking to brass.
  16. fteter

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    Steel. So long as I can get it for 21 cents a round, I'll burn my calories reloading the more expensive stuff ;)