military aid to turkey

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by psycho dad, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. psycho dad

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    on the news last night i heard the president had proposed military aid for turkey to the tune of over 200 million dollars. i think it would be cheaper just to give them their mausers back.
  2. Shaun

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    they are trying to buy support in the region to attack Iraq

  3. Michael M

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    Turkey is a NATO member and we have been giving military aid for a long time. I was a merchant seaman in my salad days, and remember visiting a few Turkish ports with goods for the military, mostly rockets and bombs and personal goods for those U S personnel assigned to the region. Haven't our air forces been using Turkish bases quite a bit lately? What do the Turks carry these days, anyway? I remember seeing submachine guns and 1911's, but no one with rifles. This was over 30 years ago, and the only military base we visited was navy(Derince).
  4. DirtyThirty

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    I think the Turks carry M-16s. They also whale on their Kurdish population the way Saddam does, but they are "friends", so we continue to arm them and look the other way...
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    Hry Dirty Thirty - you wern't a member of the Desert Storm Dirty Thirty, were you? Cement City? Yep, the Turks don't like Kurds, and didn't when I was stationed there in 1979/80. They carried G-3's, M3 grease guns, and Thompsons then. We had an embargo in place then, as they used US equip to invade Cyprus.
  6. DirtyThirty

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    a little off topic...

    No I was not a DS vet, I was Navy crypto 1996-2000. Had a comrade who did a tour in Synop, and related the following:
    Turkish non-coms are like gods. A Turkish private had fallen asleep at his post one night on guard duty. When his sergeant made the rounds and found him, he didn't even wake the kid, just drew his pistol and shot him in the head. My buddy swore it had happened...
  7. riverboatG

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    Hey "Dirty Thirty"... you wern't a "Black Knight" in ODS by any chance, were you?
  8. Art

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    I am in Bosnia and have had the pleasure of working with the Turkish army for 5 years. Most here carry Hi-Powers, wise choice for a sidearm actually, superior to the Beretta IMHO. They are very hospitable and tough SOB's when it comes to duty. We are lucky to have them for allies, and I have no doubt they'd support us better than 75% of NATO.
  9. riverboatG

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    I've got to agree about them being tough. Turk Marines especially. Turn these guys loose and you will have no problems. I was at a place called Chakmakli in '79/80. There was a US embargo in place at the time, as the Turks had used US equipment to invade Cyprus. We had to keep the nukes away from them. There was a problem with the Kurds there at the time, but they were the terrorists. 7 guys from my site were killed by Kurd terrorists in that year.
  10. Gyrene

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    The Turks were tough in Korea, too! The main problem we had, was keeping the Greeks and Turks apart, and we found the best way was just to stay between them.

    One night I was posted in an LP out front a ways, and I got a funny feeling, with goose bumps running up and down my back, and it was so dark, you couldn't see. It went away in about 2 minutes.

    Half an hour later I was relieved by the next post in the LP. When I returned to the CP, the Captain was talking with a Turk officer who had about 20 men with him.

    The Captain saw me, and said the Turks had come in past my LP position, and the Turk Officer had checked my helment to be sure we were the Marines he was sent to work with. Needless to say the Turks could have taken me out with no problem, and I had cold chills for several days after that.

    I copied this from someone in the Gun Room, and I think the message is very clear!
    "He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." - Jesus, Luke 22:36