Military shovel w/canvas bag value

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    What's the appx. value of a (don't know for sure what it's officially called) military folding shovel w/canvas bag. It's in excellent condition.

  2. AR-tim

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    Is it a folding shovel that folds down into thirds and is about two feet long when it is extended? I am not sure but probably around $25 or so. Not sure on the price, just an estimate.

  3. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Ar-tim: Got out my tape and looked at more details. Here's what I saw:

    Shovel width--------------6 1/4"
    Shovel length folded---------20"
    Shovel length unfolded---27 1/2"

    The shovel will fold down like a hoe or pick.

    The green military canvas cover has the following words:

    W L Davis Mfg Co

    Inherited it from my father-in-law who I think bought it around 1961.

    $25 is about what I was seeing, too, on different gun auctions.

    I'd be interested in hearing more comments from you or others if the above description helps.

  4. sniper762

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    The shovel you have is the forerunner of the current G.I shovel (Intrenching tool), For many years they had the long wooden handles which extended out of the bottom of the canvas. Very cumbersome, it was. Finally the military purchased the current Entrenching tool which is all metal and trifolds into a canvas (now plastic) pouch. Either of them are available at Army surplus dealers new for about 25.00 and used for about 15.00. Some of the reserve and National Guard troops still have the older type shovel that was issued to them 15 or 20 years ago. When turned in they are replaced with the new type and sold as surplus.
  5. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    AR-tim & sniper762...thanks for the comments. Yes, it has the wooden handle. Musta been one awkward tool to carry along with all the other gear required. Had a guy come to my garage sale last weekend who asked if I had any old military paraphernalia. He was a collector. I showed him the "intrenching tool" but it wasn't for sale. He said that it might bring up to $50 because of the excellent condition that it was in. Didn't sell it, though. I'll keep it for many more years, I hope. Actually, my father-in-law had given it to me so I'll keep it as a momento from him. He's the one who first got me into the NRA back around 1962.

  6. Yup

    I have one from my Dad. The shovel is painted black and the bag is like a hard plastic, psuedo canvassy type stuff in a real fugly green color.

    I have seen em new for the same prices as listed here, the one I have has been used so it is just a curiousity item to me unless someone says they want to buy it...