Million Hypocrite march

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    Makes me wanna puke seeing her with that nice gun in her hands! :throwup:

  2. Shaun

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    The idiot doesn't even know how to handle a firearm she doesn't intend on firing. Notice the finger inside the trigger guard. Also have you heard prk got their 5 cent per bullet tax passed the state senate yesterday -- I guess I'll be getting more mail orders from there since interstate commerce isn't taxed
  3. Stopper

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    5 cents per bullet? My God, it's getting worse everyday!

    She should have her concealed carry permit revoked due to lack of saftey training, with her finger on the trigger!
  4. johno

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    that's insane! it will triple the price of .22 ammo. i'm so glad I'm leaving this hell hole. gotta stock up now.

    where can i find out more about this?
  5. Eric

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    I sure do wish we could turn the tables around. I think it would be awesome to have all the liberal gun-haters complaining all the time about packing up and moving because where they live everyone is able to protect themselves with a firearm. Saying things like, "These people are psycho, they actually go out and kill things and then feed it to their families. I mean it's so bad where I live that they even have public places to shoot that are packed on the weekends."

    If we could just get them all centrally located, i.e., Kalifornia (wait/hope for the big quake, after all the God-fearing, gun-loving people leave of course). Of course, we can't centrally locate them in one area because all the areas that have the tight gun control, the crime is too high and they won't move there.

    sorry for rambling! Eric
  6. Shaun

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    johno I saw the latest update on today
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  7. Klaus

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    The "big quake" will make PRK rise up and get bigger. It is a pleasant fantasy to some to imagine Kalifornia sliding into the ocean, but it aint gonna happen. The only part of the US that is susceptible to destruction by natural forces in the foreseeable future is the Central US Wheat belt region. The whole area could be devastated tomorrow, or in 1000 years. We do not know for sure when, but it is imminent.
  8. Don't you love how they(liberals, gun hatters, ect.) all want to live in the quiet suburbs, pass their gun control laws, then when it gets to hot for them, crime wise they pack up and move to another town, wreck it, and move to another town, ect, ect...
    It proves to me that they're on sick twisted campaign to ruin the country.
  9. Rave

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    Should be the million moron march,see red a blue areas from last election,the American people seem to be becoming more and more socilistic,feed off the trough while others work to provide for them and the gummint buys more votes with our tax dollers.I only see one solution.:nod: :nod: :assult: :assult: :assult: