Mine and my dads family of Mosins.

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    While I only personally own 1 Mosin Nagant, my father got Mosinitis before me....after shooting my Mosin.


    I don't know much about my dads rifles, having never really looked at them, but I know mine is a 1936 from Izhevsk, and with matching numbers. The other weapons there are a Hi Point 9mm Carbine, a S&W Sigma 9mm, and a 17 caliber bolt action.
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    Nice. The very light colored stock is that original or redone? I am assuming redone.

    I think an M44 is in both of your futures.


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    Redone, it's probably my favorite look wise, and we have been looking for an M44, but the only one's here are in terrible condition. We're not sure if they're worth the $200+ price tags they've had.
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    IMO if it looks bad it isn't worth it.

    I'm glad I got mine for $100, it's nice and shoot nice as well.
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    Well, if you come across a 1943 Izhevsk, or a 1944 Tula M44 carbine, then it's definitely worth it. Only 50,000 were ever made at Izhevsk in 1943, the trial/prototype year until they began production in 1944. Tula tooled up to the tune of 100,000 M44 carbines in 1944. They are both the rarest of the rare M44 carbines produced by Russia.
  6. I paid $200 for a good condition 1944 Izzy M38 a few months ago and I have no regrets whatsoever.

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    This was a 1955 I believe. What's the Tula marks?

    I used to know some of the marks, but I forgot now, I got 1936 with the Hammer and sickle in the wreath and an arrow in a triangle.
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    If it were a 1955, then it was not Russian. It was a Comm Bloc production.

    Polish: made between 1951-1955 and will be stamped 11 in an oval circle from the Radom plant.

    Hungarian: 02 stamped on the barrel shank. These were only made 1952-1953, so it doesn't sound Hungarian.

    Romanian: Arrowhead ONLY inside triangle (Looks similar to Izhevsk arsenal stamp) but is not a full fletched arrow, arrowhead only. Made 1953-1955.

    Sounds like it was either Polish or Romanian. Depending on condition, and if it were Polish, it would be worth it to buy it at $200. Romanian maybe, but the stock and metal had better be tip-top.

    Of course the Chinese made their version of the M44, and coined it the "T53". It would have Chinese characters on it. Made 1953-1956 and 1960. Typically they will have a 296 arsenal stamp, and the earlier years have the year and month date stamped on the barrel shank. Later models have a 26 or 26 inside triangle.
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    How bout 91/30's? Mine has an Arrowhead in a Triangle, with a Hammer and Sickle in Wreath.
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    $200 for a beat-up M44 is a whole lot high, considering I could go to my local gun shop and get one that's in unfired condition or nearly for $150. Or I could get a ChiCom Type 53 (same thing, different designation) with a chu-wood stock that's well beaten up but which has a good bore for the same price. You need to shop around some.
    It does make you long for the pre-Obama days when M44s were $99 each, or the first term of Curious George when they were so cheap, it was almost Buy A 91/30, Get An M44 Free. As a collector, there are times when I feel I've missed the boat.
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    7.62x54r.net check em out this has all the info you would ever need.
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    I know someone who owns both of those Iron Colonel he sure is proud of them . He is really wanting a 1940 tula m38 . Ever saw one of those ?
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    Few of us comprehended the magnatude of things to look for untill about the same time everbody else did . I wish I know in 1987 . I would be elbo deep in finns and carbines .