Mini 14 ejects shells too far

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by justin3000, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. justin3000

    justin3000 Guest

    My mini 14 ejects shells too far. when we took it too the range the empty shells were flying at least 15 feet and hitting people a few stalls down. is this normal? is there a way to fix it?:confused:
  2. ScottD

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    It's normal. There are devisee that catch spent brass. Never tried them myself.

  3. C.Good.

    C.Good. Guest

    Hi Justin:
    You are lucky they only go 15 ft.! Mine spits them out in the 18 ft.range. I called Ruger after I thought I might have a bad recoil spring, they said it was normal to have them from 15 to 20 ft out. Apparently this is with the Ranch model only. It is designed to eject this way so casings won't hit scope if one is mounted. I make sure to be on the farthest right side of the range when using mine. Hope this helps. C.Good.


    I tell people if you can't hit what your aiming at with the bullet, turn the rifle sideways and let the brass do it.
  5. nascarnhlnra

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    All Ranch rifles do that guess ya don't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on ya from the right side while
  6. Big Dog

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    Yeah, I've been punched on the nose by a nearby Ranch Rifle. That's the only gun that bothers me, except the occasional .22 zinger down the collar. Wanna see a 300lb, 6'4" whiteman get up and dance? Those things are hot.
    AR's and AK's aren't bad, but those Rugers! Ouch!
  7. guydudeman

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    i find that the heavier brass casings don't go quite as far. Preciscion Made Cartridges (PMC) makes one that goes about half the distance as a metal casing. Problem is they're expensive as hell ($10 prbox 20). Then again, I'd rather get smacked with a lighter metal casing than a heavy brass one.
  8. M1rifleman

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    i have the mini 14 ranch and even when i put my light handloads in this still happens and i hit a guy with brass and was forced to leave so when you use this rifle have a deflector or a brass catcher:rolleyes: :assult:
  9. Poorboy

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    I have a Mini-14 that normally ejects the chartridges forward. first rifle that I have seen that would do this.

  10. justin3000

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    hey thanks i thought there was something wrong with it
  11. polarisgod

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    Hey justin3000, you think the mini-14 throws them out there,try a HK91.Mine throws the brass over the 2-stall garage and into the front yard!!
  12. subcrucevinces

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    Flying Brass

    Brass catchers are best bet, getting harder to find. Visit You can change the gas port; it will drop the brass right at your feet. I'm going to purchase one soon.
  13. FutureMarine

    FutureMarine G&G Newbie

    i was at the local range and we were 5 stalls down from a guy with a mini and we were gettin pinked in the heaad. he eventually was requested to put a peice of cardboard up after the guy in the stall next to me complained. he never did so he was asked to leave. anyways this is off topic but that thread is over 4 years old!!!!!
  14. jerry

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    We usually give the guy with the ruger the far right stall out of courtesy. Another fellow had a butterfly net mounted on a stand with an adjustable pole. He even let me try it with my 1911. Worked great.

    Being asked to leave and such is ridiculous. Real nice.
  15. phrogg

    phrogg G&G Newbie

    The Mini-14 at my local shooting range ejects brass hard enough to get the shells stuck in the wood of the roof over the place. There are quite a few old .223 shells stuck in the wood in random spots.
  16. FutureMarine

    FutureMarine G&G Newbie

    yeah i was going to rent it. i got the M1 instead. a different day i got the M14
  17. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    My mini-14 is stainless with the G.I. type peep sight,Butler Creek folding stock,and a cone type flash hider that makes it look a lot like the British jungle carbine.:lucky:
  18. Maser 209

    Maser 209 Guest

    You think the mini-14 ejects far then you need to see how far an SKS ejects them.
  19. FutureMarine

    FutureMarine G&G Newbie

    SKS isnt very FAR. its just very high and it goes in front of you and slightly to the right. it doenst bother people at the range. the mini 14 is a much different story, however
  20. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    There was a t-shirt out there that had the label "Gun owners against Mini-14 brass" and it had an image of a shell stuck in the shirt with blood coming down.