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  1. Found a Mini-14 GB, these are agency trade-ins, not sure which agency had these...Mine has wear to finish but the bore is nice... usual bumps and scars on the stock.
    20180219_111539.jpg 20180219_111617.jpg 20180219_111715.jpg FYI, the GB stands for Government Bayonet

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  2. Coach

    Coach G&G Evangelist

    Nice! Where did you find it and how much? Are more available? I'm 20 minuets from Connecticut.

  3. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    I wonder if the GB models were any more accurate than the civilian models were. I would certainly hope so.
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  4. Palladin8

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    I hope they were more accurate than the ones on the tv show A team. :p:p:p
    I think the one my friend had came directly from the set. His was horrible.
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  5. Dirt Wheel

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    Prison guards had them till this year in my State. They just did a big buy of S&W sport II Ar’s to replace them.
  6. gsbuickman

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    Nice score :) . A mini 14 has been at the top of my gotta have list since I was a kid, unfortunately I still haven't acquired one as of yet, but it has given me plenty of time to study up on them. I would be happy with a 1st gen to early 80's mini ranch. Anything after that up until Ruger completely retooled the mini 14 line you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn if you were standing inside it with one .

    Unfortunately the few that I have found that were early enough models for me to be interested in were far too expensive. I found a few others but they fell within the years that they had accuracy issues so I had no interest in them. Now that Ruger has retooled them not only are they far too expensive but I'm not too interested in having one with a bull barrel and a tupperware stock, so I guess I'll keep an eye out for an early mini Ranch. I'm bound to run across one sooner or later
  7. blaster

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    congrats on your new Mini 14 GB! I have always liked the Mini 14. I used to be as rabididly anti AR 15 as Cyrano. so the Mini 14 was my boat gun. my blued one has been with me all over the Caribbean. I never knew the Mini 14 was "inaccurate" until I joined this forum. all mine have accounted for many deer,hogs, squirrels and turkeys usually one shot kills. I currently own 3 Minis, one early 80's, one mid 80's and one I bought 2 - 3 years ago in 300 Black Out.
    I have always wanted a GB model. (also a AC 556 full auto)
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  8. jwrauch

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    I had one a while back and it was a fun gun but accuracy was so/so. Nice find !!
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  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    Where in Litchfield County can we find these, K75RT?
  10. animalspooker

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    I had one once. Like all the others I no longer have, I don't know why I got rid of it???
  11. Received my stabilizer will see how it helps... I have had a few Mini-14s/30s over the years and some were great shooters and some were not. This one shoots well but I think it can do better...
    20180317_155333.jpg 20180317_155421.jpg
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  12. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Blaster, a mini 14 was also one of my "boat" guns. it's now in a full length Hogue stock but I think I'm going to put it back in the original factory folding stock that was used in boat duty.
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  13. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    I really recommend checking out handguard fitting. And the forend liner as well as the gas spigot on the gas block.
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