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    I know this subject has been thrashed back and forth but i have been thinking of a differernt tack.

    Picture this, Your hunting 10 miles from camp, you have a couple of little animals you have taken with you and you fall and twist/break your ankle.

    Because you have been walking for a day out, intended to sleep rough and walk back the next day you dont carry a monster pack.

    The kit you take includes water, swag and the essentials.

    You want to travel light so your survial kit is just a bum bag, what would be in it?

    I was thinking, waterproof matches, swiss army knife, snake bandage.

    But what else?
  2. My UHF handheld to contact my hunting buddy.

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    depending on hunting location, Cell phone, also carry a UHF like irish does along with a handheld CB, have a small kit that can be carried in a BDU pocket has swiss army knife, matches and flint, emergency poncho and space blanket, water purification tabs, compass and map, and some first aid goodies, should get you through a day or two if you know how to use the stuff.
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    depending on where you are at the time? water would be a bigger issue in the desert where water in the north east wouldn't be as big an issue?????????????????
  6. That's where a cell phone come in handy. But I don't hunt that far out so I wouldn't have any problem. I only hunt a couple of miles from a two lane highway.
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    striking paper

    mitch-mckee: Sir; it concerns me when a "man" carries a 'hairbrush'':09: and no striking paper. :09:
    Dem thar 'daintie wipes' on a behind aint gonna go far:09:

    Looks like you are covered, or packed:)
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    It is much easier and you will remain healthier with basic hygene.

    As you will note, these are in modules, allowing you to carry whatever part of the kit that you think you may need.

    Yup. After the first day, it would be necessary to scrounge the plant life for TP.
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  9. No worries mitch.I dont need one.Not enough hair to worry about.My beard is always longer than my hair.Hate hair long enough to grab.By that stage its ready for a trim.
  10. Looks like a good kit , the only thing I would add is a tube of super glue, if you have never had to try it - it really works great to close small cuts and if you have ever torn a fingernail half off , it's a quick fix and could save the day.
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    It's in the first aid kit.
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    Careful, water is always an issue. The problem is safe water. The water purification tabs kill some very nasty little buggers that kill you, or at least ruin your day (and your underwear)
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    I carry a nice Camelbak, which has pockets to put necessary items in it. I generally don't hunt far out, but I do carry water purification tabs with me, Camelbak has some good ones that come in packs of like four or five. Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops should have them, don't know about Wallermart.