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    I have a Minnesota Hunting License issued to one "Otto Haastad" of Skree, Clay County Minnesota on Oct. 17, 1936. Several years ago, my wife and I were driving back home to LV from Michigan and stopped at a garage sale. I purchased an old Winchester Model 12 in 20 ga. from the nice people. At home I took it totally apart for a detailed cleaning. Inside the buttstock holding bolt hole I found this hunting license with a series of small game tags. I tried to find a historical society in Clay County and the adjacent counties that wanted it. No one was interested.

    So now I am offering to send it to anyone from Clay County or anyone that wants it from Minnesota that will preserve it. Both license and tags are in good shape except they want to stay rolled up after all those years inside that buttstock. PM me if you are interested. ........... Big Cholla

    Ps: What interesting things have any of you found inside old guns or hunting related equipment?
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    Ps: What interesting things have any of you found inside old guns or hunting related equipment?

    • Big Cholla That is pretty interesting to find the guys license from back then. I bought a Nagant revolver from PA. yard sale years ago. It came with the original leather holster and I paid about $60 for it. I didnt get around to cleaning the thing for awhile. I went to clean the barrel and it was blocked with something. Well got it out and it was a tight rolled up capture papers with all the info.
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