Minnesota Strip Club Holds Teen Night

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    I have got to admire their spirt on this one....

    Minnesota Strip Club Holds Teen Night
    Owners Protesting New City Ordinance
    Posted: 7:42 a.m. EDT July 24, 2002

    NICOLLET, Minn. -- You might expect teen-age boys to be hanging out at the mall on a summer night. But in Nicollet, they went to the local strip club.

    About 100 boys -- some as young as 16 -- paid $10 to get into the Mirage Pure Gold last night, even though the dancers took nothing off.

    The club has been battling with city officials, who just passed an adult-use ordinance banning nude dancing. That ordinance says nothing about age requirements.

    In the words of one of the club's owners, "If the city wants to play these games with us, we'll play." He says it's no different than a Hooters restaurant or a place with a bikini contest.

    City officials promise not to hassle the club as long as it follows the ordinance. The owners are seeking an injunction to allow the strippers to resume stripping.

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    Things like that never happened when I was a teenager. (LOL)


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Really, where were these clubs when I was a kid?:kinky:
  4. No places like that when I was growing up but I sure seen some serious dirty dancing in the back of my '59-with them thar fold down seats----Nash Rambler...fer sure.

    Kids these days...sheesh...they don't have to work for nothing, he he he he.
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    If my dad ever saw me even head in that direction my butt would be his LOL
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    let's see, 100 teen age boys, all off of the streets not bothering anyone?
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    Put in a back-room indoor shooting range, and it'd be perfect! They'd need some adult supervision, of course. Where do I sign up? :D
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    Big Dog -- I like the Avatar I take it you are a fan of the Javelin or the AMX - years back I built a 390 for a buddies car 390 Ram Air 4 speed Javelin it was a road hugging muscle car