'Miracle' Marine loses final battle

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    Terribly burned in Iraq blast, sergeant defied odds; 'he was unstoppable'...

    The young Marine came back from the war, with his toughest fight ahead of him.

    Merlin German waged that battle in the quiet of a Texas hospital, far from the dusty road in Iraq where a bomb exploded, leaving him with burns over 97 percent of his body.

    No one expected him to survive.

    'Miracle' Marine loses final battle - Military - MSNBC.com
  2. Marine1, So you know.
    Folks around San Antonio are pro-service people. Sgt Merlin German recieved the best care he could be given. Know that he was prayed for and supported in everyway we could. Brooke Army Hospital is constantly recieving gifts, letters and other support towarding helping our wounded warriors. These are Our Guys.
    We all mourn his passing. We will pray for his family. His service and sacrifice are appreciated.

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    :usa:One tough marine.
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    Marine1: Sir; humbled with admiration. Sir; thank you.
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    May God welcome another warrior to his throne and may He grant peace and serenity to his family. May we as Americans be found worthy of the sacrifices of our veterans.
  6. Sad, sad, sad, . . .

    and let us hope the best for family, loved ones, and friends left behind.
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    +1, Windwalker! God will take care of this young man, as he took care of his comrades. God bless, and he is in our prayers. As is your daughter, and I pray it is helping. Take care, my friend.
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    God Bless him and all of our men and women in uniform.
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    Thank you, Mike....for this update!

    Thank you for your response, neophyte. This veteran deserves the highest honor and respect, for his fighting spirit endeavors to over-come. RIP, brother.
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    So sad it hurts.:sad:
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    My wife showed me this article in the paper Sunday. I haven't cried so much in a long time... Whenever you think life's tough, God's got a way of straightening you out...

    Father God, receive into your glory this gallant young man, and comfort his family with the knowledge that he now stands guard proudly at the foot of your throne. May our nation always be worthy of the sacrifices made in its name by these brave young men and women that you've called home from among us. In Jesus' name, Amen!

    No. A Marine. No descriptives needed.
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  12. This young warrior is the embodiment of exactly what the word MARINE means, his refusal to surrender in the face of overwhelming adversity and his stubborn will to survive give testament to his own character and strength, I may be just an old retired Gunner's Mate and I've joshed many a young jarhead in my day. In my heart I have nothing but respect and admiration for these few proud MARINES.

    Lord, take this young man to your breast and release his pain grant him your mercy and by grace take him unto eternal happiness. Lay your comforting hand upon his loved ones and ease their grief and loss. In Jesus Name Amen.

    In Honor and respect Semfer Fi Marine Semper Fi

    E.C. Norwood
    GMG1(SW) USN (ret)
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    such a bittersweet story in all that pain and suffering he still managed to touch people and start that charity for the children we all can only hope to have the courage and strength that that young marine had with so much put on him
  14. Thank him for his service and his ultimate gift for freedom.
  15. As I said before Semper Fi Marine Semper Fi! Thank You for your sacrifice and courage. may God continue to hold you in his arms!
  16. Saddened

    This marine (along with many, many others, marine,naval,army, air force and national guard) has/have truly given the ultimate for his (their) country. If there is any comfort, after looking at the pictures in the link, it would be he is no longer feeling, enduring and suffering from the pain that those burns/wounds of war caused. My prayers and thoughts go out to not only his family, but to the families of any who's friends and loved ones have given and had their lives taken by/in this war.

    I have no military background other then my father, God rest his soul, had served in WWII. So the only thing I can relate to as far as the military and war is the pain from the loss of a loved one. I can't relate to the lifestyle or any other facet of that kind of life. None the less, I care and hurt as if I did.

    I don't know if it's wrong (if it is, I apologize) for a civilian to say it, but out of mere respect for this and other marines,SEMPER FI!