Miranda Rights for Florida Voters

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    Miranda Rights for Florida Voters

    Prior to voting, this warning must be read to every Florida voter:

    You are a voter. You have the right to remain stupid.
    a.. If you are too stupid to read ballot instructions, an eighth-grader will be provided to read and explain them to you.

    b.. If you cannot figure out the ballot, a fourth-grader will assist you in following the black arrow pointing from your candidate's name to the proper punch-hole choice.

    c.. If you are so confused you punch two choices for President, a third-grader will explain how lame you are and get you a fresh ballot.

    d.. If you are so feeble you cannot completely punch a hole in a thin card with a sharp object, a first-grader will be available to hit your pin with a Playskool mallet for you.

    Should you decline any of the above assistance, you consent to the fact you are too stupid to vote and waive the right to whine, protest or sue in a court of law.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I'd like to tell some of those morons to kiss MY hanging chad!

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    Out of respect for most Floridians who are quite intelligent I won't touch this thread. I think they're sort of tired of these Florida jokes.
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    "BWAHAHAHA!" That's a good one. Considering some of the morons here at work, I'd say this is the system for them. Hopefully Broward and Dade counties will get it, though they need to translate it into Spanish.
    I did like the one using the different colored pegs and holes, too.
  5. Doglips

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    Hopefully it will be Se Hablo No El-Reno