Mitchell's Mauser going up in price?

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by killsnapz, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. killsnapz

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    I know this subject has been beaten to death but I am seeing some strange things. Look at what this on has been bid up to.

    The bidding only started as $149 bucks so it is not the seller overpricing the rifle. it was bid up to $600 bucks. He is honest about what the rifle is in the listing stateing that only some of the numbers match. He also states that Mitchell's has no more Mausers in stock. What do you guys think.

  2. Tulamosin

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    The high bidder is throwing way too much money at that rifle. It's a nice looking rifle, but not a $600 and up nice rifle.

  3. Midas

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    Nice specimen, but I am afraid my interest would be lost after $400 or so.
  4. Well,

    Mitchell's Mausers always seems to draw a wide variety of commentary.

    Personally, I just view their guns as a continuation of a style rather than as historical items. As long as there are customers this company will put out their product.

    These are not, in my view, justified as higher priced items. I would not pay six hundred dollars for this gun.
  5. Cyrano

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    New York
    Personally, I would not buy from Mitchell's Mausers. There have been cases reported where they attempted to pass of Czech M24s as genuine 98Ks. I don't think they can be trusted, quite in addition to their out-to-lunch pricing.

    Anyone who wants a legitimate Model 98K ought to contact Southern Ohio Gun. They have a small shipment in of wartime production 98Ks. And Southern Ohio Gun can be trusted to correctly label their firearms!
  6. killsnapz

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    Thats about I would have valued it at around $400 bucks due to the matching bold and receiver. Lately I have seen a couple going for five to six hundred dollars.

  7. Lead Lawman

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    Didn't stop me

    I knew when I bought it that my Mauser was overpriced, but it didn’t stop me from buying it. I spent four months researching the characteristics that make up a good mauser. None of the screws were missing, the action shut like a vault door, the two stage trigger was nice and smooth, and the rifling was immaculate. I didn’t buy it because I thought it was a piece of history, I bought it because the Mauser brothers made a **** fine rifle. I have gotten groups with 3moa at 75m, and I'm thinking of pouting an LSR scope mount on it.

    I think the underlying problem people are having is that they don’t get to examine the guns they're purchasing before they buy. You can’t field strip a rifle over the internet so you cant be absolutely certain of it's quality or characteristics. Remember, when your dealing with cheep firearms you just may get what you pay for.
  8. killsnapz

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    I have a "collectors grade" Mitchell's Mauser myself. I love it. The bolt is smooth as butter and it functions flawlessly. I payed $400 dollars for it with all of the accesories. I am not one of the crowd that puts them down just because Mitchell's had refurbished them. I am just surprised to see them going up in value. I bought mine last August and now I see them already selling for alot more than I payed for mine. I bought mine to shoot just like you. I never expected the value of the rifle to go up but apparently they are. Enjoy your new Mauser and if you scope it make sure you post some pictures. I would love to see it.
  9. Rainmaker

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    Mitchell mauser .. good deal

    Well said.. too many uninformed wanna be historians on these forums want to put down what amounts to a very good deal on a model 98 german made mauser from mitchells mausers.. i got mine a few months ago and its an awesome shooter and it does indeed have genuine german markings from the war.. they only claim 6 matching serial numbers not a complete gun of matching serials... i would suppose those rifles would be several thousand dollars not 400 to 600 like the one i recieved. if i were lookin for a 100 percent authentic matching serial k98 it wouldnt be from mitchells.. but after all thats not what they advertise.. All u supposed "collectors" posting on these forums sound really silly when u start talking about what is and isnt a good deal.. act is a good deal is in the eye of the beholder and not from a close minded phool who is a bandwagoneer who just wants to sound like they know what ther are talking about but in fact are really mostly uninformed about what they are talking about. As far as im concerned mitchell gave me a model98 german made k98 from 1942 and it has german war time markings on it.. not 100 percent authentic, but none the less a german k98.. i dont care about the old petina on the metal or wood . i just wanted a german k98.. and thats what i got..
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  10. thaddy1978

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    I guess it is worth whatever someone is willing to shell out for it. I've heard some negative things about Mitchell's Mausers and don't think I would get anyway. I went to Cabela's a few weeks ago and they had two on the shelf. I was amazed at how beautiful they were, such perfect shape. That is, until I looked down the barrel. Ain't no way a rifle can be in that condition with a bore looking the way it did, unless its been tampered with. I could barely make out the rifling in either rifle I looked at. Definately not a shooter! But...the one online looked a might nice! In my mind, not $600 worth of nice though.
  11. ChaZam

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    I'm not going to enter the debate about the value of this particular rifle. I will say that Cabela's in Ft. Worth has about 6 non-matching electro penciled K98s priced at $349.00 last night. As the the sources dry up the prices will continue to escalate. It is the obvious byproduct of supply and demand.

    I have a sub $40.00 dollar Turk Mauser that I have declined an offer of $250.00 dollars on. Is it worth $250.00? If some one will give $250.00 and I will accept that offer it certainly is.
  12. 99dragon99

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    I won't put a price on this either, but as usual this has the typical "Mitchell's Mauser Misnomer". It says "genuine 98k" which is only partially true. The Mod 98 stamp on the side (I think to remember) means a German made k98 that was refurbed by the Yugos. I guess they just missed a little of the history on it.

    According to the MM website, they still have German K98s.

    I have a M48a that shoots just fine. I don't consider it of great historical value, it's a shooter. I probably paid too much for it, but I like to shoot it.
  13. pico

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    Whenever I am at shows looking at mausers, I want to make sure I am buying one that can be fired. The Mitchell Mausers are all shooters, which is more than I can say about many of the older M98 mausers out there. Many will even close on a field gauge, so if you plan on shooting one, be sure to check them out first with the proper gauges. My Mitchell is nothing spectacular, but then I paid under $400 for mine back in 2008. They are not rare by any means, so to see their price going up makes me wonder if mausers in general will gain in value, as they are very strong rifles and have a bit of history to them. I have seen mosin nagants go down in price lately, so I was expecting that to continue across the board with WW2 and earlier bolt actions.
  14. gandog56

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    Yeah, there's MM's 98K's, then there's REAL K98's.
  15. killsnapz

    killsnapz G&G Evangelist

    Ah Ganny a Mitchell's 98K is a real 98K if that is what you ordered from them. I know because I have one. Instead having a piece of 80 grit sandpaper draged all over the stock and a sloppy coat of varnish on it and then scratching number in the metal with a electropencil then removing the cleaning rod and capture screws like the Russian's did to all of the 98K's that they refurbished Mitchells refubished the stocks correctly which is bare wood that is to be treated with oil. All of there rifles have the cleaning rods and capture screws still in place. For some reason they do not blue the bolt but I would not touch the one on mine because it is so smooth and operates perfectly. I can not say that about the bolt on my Russian capture 98K. The bolt on the R/C feels very rough in comparison and it also does not fit in the receiver as tightly as the bolt in the Mitchell's 98K. I see R/C Mausers going for $300 to $400 dollars right now with no accesories no cleaning rod or capture screws and a ugly coat of varnish that needs to be removed to look right. I payed $400 for my Mitchell's that came with a bolt that matched the reciever all proof marks intact cleaning rod capture screws tool kit and two ammo puoches and a correctly refinished stock. To me it's a no brainer.

  16. Iron_Colonel

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    I have also not heard much positive feedback from Mitchell's, but I have never bought from them, so I can't attest to a Mitchell's product. Classic Arms used to have some RC K98s for a while, but I don't know if they do anymore.

    The Mitchell's Mausers look nice, but the example in question is way out of my price range. It's a beautiful rifle, no doubt just not my choice for a K98. Definitely would be interested in something cheaper.

    I found my RC at a gun show for about 1/3 the cost too. I don't know if someone refinished it at some point, or maybe it was a Mitchell's Mauser at some point. There was no paperwork or anything with it. Stock is in excellent shape. Beautiful laminated stock but it's a darker wood color. Bore looked absolutely perfect when I bought it. Still does. It's a spot on shooter as well.