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MK II Target Pistol

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by panhandler, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Alright, I'm sold on the Mark II. Should I buy the standard target model, or get the government practice model? I want it in stainless, but don't want to pay much more. Please advise! Thanks, and happy shooting!
  2. Pumpkinheaver

    Pumpkinheaver G&G Evangelist

    I like the 5.5" adjustable sight model. I have had two of them one a steel frame model and one was a polymer framed 22/45. Both of them shot great.

  3. Pumpkinheaver, are you shooting standard target models with the tapered barrels, or are you shooting bull barrels? And, have you shot both or know someone that has and could be of help deciding whether the extra money is worth it?

    I'm looking at 6 7/8" barrels, both standard target and government. Your help is appreciated!:)
  4. WVMike

    WVMike G&G Newbie

    I have shot a MK II target model for the past ten years and it is an excellent choice in a rimfire handgun. Mine is a s/s model with a 6 7/8" semi-bull barrell, and ajustable sights. Just this year I added a set of Hogue grips to the gun and the improvement in is signifigant. This gun will punch tiny groups in paper and will put squirrels in the pot at distances that will leave you amazed.

    Good luck with your decision

  5. mec

    mec Guest

    I've had a few of these over the years and , it may just be luck by all of them have produced tiny 25 yard groups. This includes skinny barrel 4 3/4 models with fixed sights as well as a Competition target. That one was mounted with a Burris 2x scope and would produce groups of about an inch at 50 yards and in the 25- 30 caliber range at 25 yards with a wide variety of loads.

    This jackrabbit was sitting next to the hay bail on the right. I braced on a fence post 40 yard away and all I could see through the grass was the top of his ears. Held where the head should have been and -bingo.
  6. Have had it two weeks! The government model in stainless. It definately shoots better than I do. Have put on the Houge grips, but haven't shot it since. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. Thanks guys!
  7. Something I tried yesterday evening. Single loaded .22 shorts in my Mark 11. I thought that the powder charge might not work the bolt, but it did. They were .22 Short CCI. hollowpoint. Now don't try this in your magazine, as it will not work. But I wonder if a gunsmith could rework a clip that would feed shorts. Does anybody know?
  8. Hey! Glad to see you at another place! I really don't think that any gunsmith can make a Mark II feed 22 shorts. Heck, they're more expensive than 22lr anyways.
  9. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    I've had a Comp Target Mk II for many many moon. It is very accurate & LOTS 'O FUN to shoot.:target: