MN 91/30 or Enfield No. 4 MK I?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ingous, May 29, 2008.

  1. ingous

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    Looking for some input. At my last trip to the local gun shop I found a 1926 Izhevsk 91/30 with a Hex receiver in a nice condition for about $140. A little to the right on the same shelf I saw an (forgot the year) Enfield No. 4 MK I in what I would call decent condition for about $190. I do want to buy one of them (well, I really want to buy both of them but………..) but I am not sure which one to choose. I already own a 1944 Izhevsk M44 and a 1939 Izhevsk 91/30. Should I dare to stray from my beloved Mosins and diversify or should I get the Hex 91/30? Any input?
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  2. Buy one and put the other one on layaway if the shop allows that then on your next payday go buy the other gun. that way you can have both:veryhappy:

  3. ingous

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    :).....unfortunately that is not an option right now.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    No.4 MkI right now hands down...
  5. If you already own a couple of Mosins, then it is definitely time you progressed and moved up to a Lee-Enfield.
  6. Dutch

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    If you are not already into both calibers it can be a hard decision. The .303 Brit is a good round though. I really enjoy the Enfields. They are fun to shoot and solid weapons. The price on those appears to be going up as well, $190 is not a bad price and might be a steal next year.

    If it is in any kind of decent condition I would grab up the Enfield.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    This will help you No.4 MkII Irish contract:


  8. SwedeSteve

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    While I truly love my Mosins, I've got to agree with getting the Enfield.
  9. ingous

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    Thanks for all of your input and the scale is starting to tip towards the Enfield. The one I saw is not as nice as Joe's, but it might come back to life with a good cleaning and a little TLC. The stock and furniture have scuff marks but a nice oiling might do the trick. Bore and other metal parts look ok. I know I might have to move my thread, but anything in particular to look for when buying an Enfiled?
  10. Well then if both is not an option and you already have some mosins I'm going to have to agree with the rest, get the Enfield.
  11. Not a big Enfield nut, but I have played with a few and wanted one for some time, so with that said....I toss my vote to the Enfield....Just don't tell my Mosins! they're jealous old ladies! Gosh, don't ever, no matter what, tell them they have a big butt! Now, don't go snitchin to the girls about this conversation, this was strictly a me and you talk about the ladies...You be good and let me know how the Brittish ladies are if you aquire one! lol Good luck.
  12. squirrelblaster

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    yeah, i say get the enfield since youalready have one izzy 91/30 and a m44.
  13. WW2Junkie

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    Looks like you might already be getting the Enfield but here's another vote for it. I have several of both and love them all equally. I do believe you will see more Mosins available than Enfields soon. (affordable I mean).

    Like any surplus rifle, here's a few things to look for:
    1. Overall condition of rifle. This includes cracks, gauges, rust, etc. If possible, remove the forestock and look at the bbl. Rusted?
    2. Matching serial numbers, bolt and receiver. Not a must, but nice.
    3. Original metal? Be cautious if it looks freshly painted.
    4. Original wood? Should be beat up a little and have some stamps.
    5. Saved the most important ( to me anyhow) for last. Condition of bore. Use a light and check for pits and grooves. Pits-bad. Grooves-good.

    If you need to replace small parts like a screw, band, even a sight or guard you can buy them pretty cheap. Good luck. You will LOVE it.:love:
  14. You own Mosins but not an Enfield. Get the Enfield.
  15. jack007

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    That is a good price on the Enfield, the ones I see at shops are priced $225 to $300. So I would go with the Enfield this time.
  16. billy

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    i own more than one of both and i would take another enfield ANYTIME.
    i think they are better rifles.
  17. When the Enfields are gone, the Hex 91/30's will still be $70. That should be enough to get you to buy the Enfield.

    I like and collect MN's but realize that there were 27 million 91/30's produced, so not a lot of rare rifles in that bunch.

    NRAJoe, that is one pretty Enfield!!!
  18. Yours too Billy!! Nice pair... I don't usually say that... I just think it when passing a nice pair.:)
  19. ingous

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    I just wanted to thank all of you for your input. As of this afternoon, in addition to two Mosins I am also the proud owner of an Enfield No. 4 MK I. I am very excited (very!:32:) and now starts the task of bringing it back to life. Did I mention that I am excited? The rifle has quite a bit of Cosmoline on it (and in it) and it will take a good cleaning before I can shoot it. It didn’t come with any accessories so I will have to buy the tool that will help me to take the bolt apart. In addition I will search for some older threads that deal with removing the Cosmoline. Thanks again and I will try and post a picture of my new bride as soon as I remember how to post pictures.